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Thursday, July 31, 2014


New Dawn believes that this whole experiment in multiracial diversity and forced human equality is about to come tumbling down in bloodshed, misery, and chaos.New Dawn does not advocate this collapse, we are not responsible, nor do we look forward to it (like admittedly a lot of radical right groups do.) Indeed the Conservative Revolutionary ideology have been trying to warn our people for decades now where this is heading and now we are almost there. I think probably the next 30-50 (and that is probably being very generous) years at most are critical to the existence of our people upon the North American continent.

We live in the shadow of Vesuvius and yet our people go about their daily tasks and concerns in total oblivion to its ever increasing rumbles. It is the inevitable result of liberal-democratic world view with its emphasis on globalism, multiracial diversity,consumerism run riot, and government mandated equity that forces different people to mix and mingle when they do not want to mix and mingle. This forced mingling does not break down barriers (to use a favorite term of the lunatic left), instead it creates silent resentment and built up passions.

To put it bluntly the answer to Cultural Marxism is Conservative Revolution!



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On Conservative Revolutionary Ideology

True political conservatism as understand by New Dawn might be more aptly described as racial conservationism. It is conservative only in the sense used by the writers of the Conservative Revolution in Weimar, Germany, albeit in a more updated and transcendent form. It is a conservatism that does does not live only in the past as does contemporary American Conservatives (what New Dawn calls the retreat to Mayberry) nor in a utopian future as do liberals and globalists (the march towards United Earth and a Brave New World) but in a consummated present where past and future unite. If you have not understood that then you you do not know what we mean by Revolution!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Ideal State

The State represents a means to an end and is not an end in itself. It is the foundation for the formation of a superior human culture.

The ideal State represents that perfect blending between the cultural, political, and social so that it is difficult to tell where one aspect ends and the other begins.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Oswald Spengler- The Hour of Decision

"Is there today a man among the white races who has eyes to see what is going on around him on the face of the globe? Too see the immensity of the danger which looms over this mass of people? I do not speak of the educated or uneducated city crowds, the newspaper readers, the herds who vote at elections- and, for that matter,  there is no longer any difference between voters and those for whom they vote- but of the ruling class of the white nations, in so far as they have not been destroyed, of the statesman in so far as there are any left;of the true leaders of policy, of economic life, or armies, and thought. Does anyone, I ask, see over and beyond his time, his own continent, his country, or even the narrow circles of his own activities?
Oswald Spengler

And that , ladies and gentlemen is probably the purest expression of the ideology of the Conservative Revolution that originated in the Weimar period of Germany. It is indeed the answer to the Cultural Marxism that has been imposed upon our people by the Frankfurt School. It is higher politics, the ability to see beyond out own time and act accordingly, whether it is called Meta-politics, Future-vision, or merely higher politics. It is essential to any healthy nation and world view, all of which is sadly lacking in the United States.

 Our Statesmen must have the ability to see beyond our time and parameters, to see beyond the ages and envision a new dispensation for our people. One above time and petty politics and narrow minded reactionary patriotism based solely on the borders of artificial and unnatural nation-states. New Dawn proclaims to you the Ethno-State, the next step in the political evolution of our race. An organic nation in which preservation and the good of the race is the whole of the law! One that sees posterity yet unborn forming an unbroken chain with our ancestors from a mythic and heroic past to a golden future and the dawn of a new era after this present age is overcome.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A tale of three murders.

We all know about Treyvon Martin and his assailant George Zimmerman. To anybody with an once of common sense it is obvious that Zimmerman was not a "White Hispanic" as the media loved to call him. The dominant media in this nation is anti-white and  the only way they could blame the murder on whites was by boldly proclaiming George Zimmerman to be white! That is not to say there are not "White Hispanics." There is a stratum in Mexico, I think it is 3 percent of the population, that is wholly of Spanish ancestry and contain no significant or noticeable Black or Indian traits. All one has to do is watch Mexican television stations, especially soap operas, in order to see actual white Hispanics. George Zimmerman is not one of these by any stretch of the imagination! Only a lunatic, or possible somebody blind, would insist otherwise. But whoever said liberalism was a rational philosophy? They see the world as they want to see it , not as it actually is. That is why they see Zimmerman as a white Hispanic and ignore his obvious non-white appearance! But Treyvon Martin got all kinds of media attention. Celebrities denounced the killing as a racist lynching and even Obama  injected himself into the controversy.

Compare that to  the murder of Christopher Lane.  He was killed by two black teens who spotted him jogging and decided to follow him in a car and shot him in the back just for the fun of it. Because he was white and the killers black Obama did not make a statement. Whites did not threaten to loot, riot, pillage, and burn. No white civil rights leaders came down and demanded justice. The FBI or Justice Department did not descend in force to sue for Civil Rights violations. In most cases it never made national media.

Then we have the case of Delbert Belton, a white male and World War II veteran who was  beaten to death by two black teens in Spokane, Washington. The fact that the name Treyvon Martin is nationally known now, whereas the public is ignorant of Christopher Lane or Delbert Belton, is proof positive of the evil and duplicitous ways of America's mainstream media which manipulates public opinion for their own agenda. Nothing is more pathetic that a manipulated people who imagine themselves to be free.

The Overclass

 7 out of  10 people are on on the government dole if we define the dole as anybody receiving more in benefits than they pay in in taxes. We all are aware of the abuse in welfare and food stamps. Who has not had the misfortune of being behind a person using an EBT card in order to buy steaks and other foods in bulk that even middle class people have trouble affording? In some cases it has been reported that the recipients fill up two whole shopping carts. In many cases the days of welfare recipients going to the post office to pick up their checks are over. Government now just loads their EBT cards, which looks identical to a  credit card.

But what many in the white middle class miss is that the overclass is just as guilty of welfare fraud as is the underclass. Giant corporations, and in many cases case this means multinational corporations, get 100 million in direct payments and subsidizes from the government in the form of energy subsidies, green initiatives, and agricultural subsidizes. The agricultural budget is the most misleading of all because the majority of the agricultural budget does not go to farmers. Many people don't realize that for some inexplicable reason the food stamps program comes out of the agricultural department instead of the Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, or the Dept of Human Services. When you factor in the military with its billions given for new weapons system, that in many cases do not work, or are redundant and not needed, we can see why America is terminal. It is past an economic point of no return just as it is approaching a demographic point of no return. The white middle and working class should not be expected to carry the entire load for both the under and over classes!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


It is the contention of New Dawn that the white middle and working classes get the shaft at both ends. Most of our people already realize that we are under siege by a heavily non-white underclass, incited by fraudulent media claims of anti-white racism as well as Neo-Marxist visions of a coming Socialist utopia that will confiscate and redistribute the wealth of the white middle class even as the white working class is displaced by hordes of third world labor pouring across the borders. The wealthy whites, of course, will have long since fled  to establish themselves elsewhere in gated communities.

Along comes Bill Gates of Microsoft fame fresh from his humanitarian crusade to end AIDS in Africa as well as helping design the Common Core curriculum for the America school system. He, along with Warren Buffett and Sheldon Gates , are spreading the idea that America faces a technological crisis due to the fact we are not graduating enough engineers and programmers. This diabolic trio wants the United States government to issue unlimited Visas to engineers from India and China to head off this impending technological crisis.

In reality a recent  Census report revealed that 74% of American engineers are not working in the so called STEM area ( science, technology,engineering, and mathematics). That hardly seems like a dearth of American engineers. There must be a reason why 74% are no longer working in such areas. I should also point out that schools that have adopted Common Core  curriculum must concentrate in these four areas and add courses dealing with the same. But if the shortage of American engineers is actually a myth than why the complete overhaul of the American educational system?

Right after this demonic trio advocated unlimited visas for Asians, Gates showed his true colors by slashing 18,000 jobs at Microsoft. It does not take a rocket scientist to see if there is an actual shortage of American engineers then one tries to keep them satisfied in their present jobs. Gates is obviously not hurting for engineers but must be planning on replacing them with programmers and engineers from China, India, and Pakistan. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the essence of what New Dawn refers to as Unbridled Capitalism!

A healthy white Ethno-State would be zealous in its opposition to both Marxist style socialism as well as Unbridled Capitalism.In the coming Ethno-State there will be harsh penalties for economic malfeasance including capital punishment for the more serious cases.

Friday, July 18, 2014


History is cyclical as Oswald Spengler noted. It is not linear moving towards some global universal -egalitarian super state like liberals and Marxists believe. Instead a new dark age is coming. It  was known as Kali Yuga to the ancient Aryan invaders of India and as "Ernstfall"  to writer Carl Schmidt of the Conservative Revolutionary school of though in Weimar, Germany during the Pre-Hitler era.

Ernstfall  is a situation where liberal democracy, or more correctly a society infused with a liberal-egalitarian ethos, finds it cannot deal with the coming catastrophe because it is fundamentally incapable of seeing outside the narrow perimeters of its own universal-egalitarian ideology so a cataclysmic systematic collapse becomes inevitable; whereas a a nation infused with a different ideology would have no trouble confronting the abyss that lies before us.

All the writers of the Conservative Revolutionary school of thought had it figured out. It is the antidote to the Cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt school of social criticism that is currently the dominant ideology of the Western world, an ideology that is leading our race to the brink of extinction! New Dawn was formed, at least in part, based on their ideology. One must understand that the word "conservative" in the context of its use by the writers of the Conservative Revolution contains none of the reactionary aspects of American based conservatism. A better translation would probably be conservation in the German sense of the word.A revolution for the purpose of conservation, racial and national.As such it is a future looking ideology, unlike American conservatism who always want to go back to Mayberry.

The so called American white racialist movement needs to wean itself from the whole Ku Klux-National Socialist dichotomy and embrace the ideology of the Conservative Revolution and its belief  in higher politics and radical traditionalism. That is where we will find a solution to our problems and a concise analysis of our present situation. We don't have to reinvent the wheel, it is already there for us, and in a far superior form to anything the America racialist right has put out!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


That is at least what Sears in its advertisement  referred to it as. Other might call it consumerism run riot! It is the America dream, the struggle to say ahead of the neighbors by obtaining creature comforts while still setting aside money for retirement and college.I hate to tell Mr. and Mrs. white middle class Americans that America is headed for an implosion, it is unsustainable and non-viable in the long run.

To live the American dream a family of four needs about 130,000 a year- the amount required to buy a house,a car, and pay for children's education while still leaving enough for retirement. Only 1 in 8 households earned that much in 2013.


One of the ten columns that support the ideological foundation of New Dawn is a belief in a Transcendent Reality. This concept will be explained in much greater detail at a later time but it appears recent scientific research verifies that reality. In an article that appeared on the website cognitive scientists are concluding from their research that a metaphysical effect is so deeply ingrained among humans, especially in the thought process, that it cannot be expunged. (Why would you want to expunge it anyway? That is psychotic Marxism speaking!)

It seems as if the brain is hardwired  to believe in a higher ,ultimate reality. (Note to scientists; you might want to study the works of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and his belief in the Collective Unconsciousness and Archetypes. He postulated that behind all of mans hopes, aspirations, and fears was the fear of death and the hope of immortality. Compare that to Sigmund Freud, so beloved of the lunatic left, who said all human impulses were sexual in nature and that sex was the great driving force of humanity)

Even atheists, the study found, are also hardwired for a greater reality that transcends the individual. Anthropologist Paul Boyer states  that  slews of cognitive traits predisposes us to faith and that atheists have many religious ideas they don't recognize as such.

Meet Shannon Conley

Usually when we hear of an "American" citizen who fights for Al Qaeda is it almost always somebody of North African or Arabic ancestry. One could question the common sense of any majority European descended nation that would grant such people citizenship, but that is beside the point. The United States believes in a universal citizenship regardless of race; whereas the Ethno-Nation that New Dawn advocates rejects the multiracial concept of citizenship along with its nebulous "Concept Nation" ideology so beloved of the lunatic left.

Shannon Conley, however, is not of Arabic or North African ancestry. She is a white female who wants to go to Syria to engage in Jihad with ISIS. When one studies what has led her to this decision it is impossible to miss the angst ,alienation, and emptiness in her life. I suspect that is because whites are not allowed to have an identity of their own. The very concept of racial identification among whites is demonized by a hostile media, the same hostile media that praises to high heaven any racial identification and consciousness among non-whites. One can detect a pattern in her with dug usage, dabbling in Wicca and the occult, and searching our various religious to join.  It is the society of spectacle whereby a governing entity or media uses fads, diversions,and entertainment to stifle revolutionary discontent among the masses (Especially among whites) Spectator sports has become a substitute for nationalism among tens of millions of white adults. Spectator sports is merely another tool in the enemy's arsenal they use against our people to promote liberalism, diversity, and Miscegenation all of which is leading to white dispossession and eventual extinction!

So Miss Conley becomes Muslim and falls in love with a Muslim she met online from Indonesia who is fighting for ISIS. She plans to marry him, apparently with no objections from her father, and is apprehended at the airport with her luggage chock full of racial CD's containing speeches of various radical Islamic speakers. She claims she was going to fight in Jihad and if she was not allowed to fight she would use her training as nurse to deliver first aid to wounded terrorists.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Recent studies in laboratory rats suggest that behavior and environmental circumstances can switch the expression of genes on and off. The process called Epigenetics is blurring the line between nature and nurture. The case in study involved getting rats addicted to cocaine and then studying their offspring. Scientists were surprised to note that their offspring were less susceptible to addition, instead of developing a higher addiction as was suspected, and is often the case with alcoholics. However, rats sired by male rats who had never been exposed to cocaine in laboratory tests quickly became addicted.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Guess Who!

He was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr.
His parents were suspected Communists during the McCarthy era.
His father committed suicide when he was 18.
He went to Nicaragua to aid the Sandinistas in their Marxist revolution.
When in Nicaragua he was impressed with government health care and the idea that doctors were paid by the state, not be the patients.
Fell in love with a black lesbian.
Married said lesbian after much persuasion.
Had two biracial children.
Made his son star in political adds dedicated to getting his father elected mayor.
He won 73 percent of the general vote with an overwhelming 96 percent of the black vote.
Worked as Hillary Clinton's campaign manger in 2000 but proved too obnoxious even for her staff.

What is it about politicians and name changes? That in itself appears to be shady behavior. William Blythe became Bill Clinton, Barry Soetoro became Barrack Obama and Warren Wilhelm, Jr. became Bill de Blaiso,mayor of New York City In this case it appears that fears of Communist suspicion were true in as much as he worked for the Sandinistas. Just where do you think he learned his Marxism? From his parents!What does that say about Hillary? Do you think she did not know of his Marxist leanings and activity in Nicaragua? I suspect the old adage that scratch a liberal and you find a fascist is not accurate. What you often find instead is a devout Communist trying to camouflage himself as a liberal.The Soviet Union might have fallen but America is insane if it thinks Communism is dead, it is alive and well, it has just morphed into a more pleasing outer form.It is still the unacknowledged dream of tens of millions of people who call themselves liberals who dwell among us.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


We all know the story. Libya's Muammar al-Qaddafi shot down an American airliner (Pan Am Flight 103) over Lockerbie, Scotland in a brazen and unprovoked act of international terrorism! Well it turns out the the United States government knew all along that it was Iran, and not Libya, that blew up the civilian airliner in retaliation over the downing of a civilian Iranian airliner (Iranian Air Flight 655) by a missile fired from a United States navy guided missile cruiser, the USS Vincennes. America claims it was an accident, they were only conducting war games, and the Iranian airliner was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Iran contended that it was a deliberate act of cold blooded terrorism  and that if the situation were reversed America would scream bloody hell and send cruse missiles or drones to devastate Iranian cities, or perhaps even a land invasion.

So why the deliberate lies to the American people? (In as much as there are really any American people left as people-hood implies more than just a multiracial cosmopolitan mass) Because when America invaded Kuwait in 1990 it needed Syrian cooperation and the U.S. realized  they would not get that corporation if they attacked Iran for its destruction of Flight 103 so they shifted the blame to the Libyans instead. The government knew in their hearts that most Americans would believe anything the mass media told them and that white lemming patriotards would be especially susceptible and demand Libyan blood as they wrapped themselves in Star Spangled Splendor!

But why didn't Libya speak out? Why did it let its people and nation be slandered by official American lies? It appears that Muammar al-Qaddafi went along with the deception in order to end the crippling economic sanctions that the U.S. had placed upon Libya. Somebody high up had obviously made Qadaffi a promise if he would just lay low and go along with the farce.

Now the truth is out! Former Iranian intelligence officer, Abolghasmem Mesbahi has confirmed that Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini personally ordered the destruction of an American airliner as payback for the downing of Iranian Air Flight 655.

So what did Qaddafi get out of this deal? Nothing! Despite his corporation America was implicit in getting him overthrown, which resulted in his torture, sodomy, and death by hostile mobs in his own nation. So what did America get out of his death?  An even more unstable Libya ruled by Islamic fanatics who then attacked the American embassy at Benghazi. You did notice all that disorder and roving bands of Muslim fanatics did not take place in Qaddafi's Libya, right?  It was only after American meddling that the whole country became unstable and radicalized. So is American foreign policy that incompetent or is a there a malevolent hidden hand at play which bodes ill for the world and the American people? Should we be embarrassed or afraid? That would depend on which scenario you believe. But since we already got lied to about weapons and mass destruction I vote for the malevolent option. One has only to dig to discover the rot goes back decades, if not centuries.No nation can surely be that incompetent!

Monday, July 7, 2014


Is it possible for American politics to be even more insane that it already is? Let us take the case of American evangelist Scott Lively who is on a crusade in Africa to combat homosexuality by encouraging African (and we mean Sub-Saharan African nations not Arabic North African nations) to adopt stringent anti-sodomy legislation. The problem is that in many African nations a common belief is that the dominant person in a  homosexual activity is not Gay if he is the one sodomizing the other. Only the bottom partner, the one in the position of submission, is Gay. This is also a common belief  among blacks in prison in the United States who routinely rape weaker males, especially white males, as a form of power,dominance, and subjugation. Common sense should dictate that the rape victim  could not be considered homosexual, but the perpetrator certainly would be, but such is not so in the twisted logic that reigns supreme among the black inmates of America's penal system.

So along comes the evil European imperialists  and they impose Anti-Sodomy laws on 38 of Africa's 55 nations.However, these laws are rarely enforced. Then along comes Brother Scott Lively, author of the Pink Swastika. In the Pink Swastika Lively argues that Hitler was Gay and that the leading architects of the Final Solution were Gay!  When it is pointed out to Mr. Lively  that homosexuals were forced to wear pink triangles on their lapels and were forcibly deported to concentration camps he contends that only effeminate Gays were deported, and that the masculine gays were not persecuted or deported and held the predominance of power in the National Socialist regime!

Brother Lively seems not to have realized, or done his research, or he would  have seen that the groups responsible for initially spreading the rumors that the top Nazi officials, indeed the overwhelming majority thereof were Gay, were the Communist and Socialist parties. What a strange world it is when a Christian evangelist adopts the rhetoric of Godless Communists during the days of struggle before the National Socialist assumption of power.

Lively is very active now going on African missions encouraging nations to adopt anti-sodomy legislation. Lively idolizes Uganda and even accuses  the West of undermining the Ugandan family by spreading the disease of homosexuality by recruiting Ugandan children into homosexuality. Lively obviously confuses the term liberal and Western. His love for Uganda has turned into an obsession after Uganda adopted stringent anti-sodomy laws under his influence. He has even produced a movie called God Loves Uganda! So in Lively's mind God loves Uganda but hates Germany and the West?

No one can deny, however, that AIDS is the scourge of  Sub-Saharan Africa. Brother Lively may be doing some good with his advocacy of strict anti-sodomy laws. Where he is almost certainly wrong is blaming the West for Africa's homosexual plight. It is the bizarre, and hypocritical, African definition of homosexuality that has caused the AIDS plague that now decimates Africa. As pointed out previously this double standard in regards to what homosexuality actually is reigns supreme among Sub-Saharan Africa and among major sections of the black community in America.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Francis Fukuyama once wrote a book entitled, The End of History and the Last Man, the thesis of which was that the entire world was becoming Americanized, that liberal democracy would soon be the dominant political ethic on the globe, along with global capitalism, and that conflict and history would come to an end and the global utopia that people ,such as Woodrow Wilson and others, hoped for would finally arrive. Conflict would cease, we would all become happy consumers, religious intolerance would wither on the vine, as well as national and racial distinctions. That, of course, is the classic definition of the linear view of history with liberal-modernity paying the dominant role of uniting the planet.

As has been said before New Dawn rejects the linear view of history in favor of the traditionalist view whereby history moves in cycles. No nation  or empire lasts forever and only Americans seem to think the United States, the so called "Concept Nation" so loved by global advocates the world over, will last forever ( who see in it a model for world government) Consider another title bestowed on America by liberals and globalists, the so called "Universal Nation." Only a fool would believe we are moving towards a universal utopia when religious hatred is on the rise, as well as nationalism. What we are entering is not the Age of Aquarius, as liberals so fervently hope for, but instead the Age of Kali Yuga. A wolf age, an ax age,a  time of deviance,degeneracy, and decadence. A time of national collapse. A time of chaos, bloodshed, misery, and disorder.

Since the end of the Cold War  it was assumed the whole world would grow to share the values of the United States. It was stated that the growing economic interdependence of nations would make territorial wars a relic of the past. Nationalism would die to be replaced by a common global ethic. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany based on liberal democratic values was proof of the impending globalism and world super state to come. It only took the rise of Vladimir Putin and the 911 attack upon the United States to  smash that delusion. Cold hard reality now knocks upon the door! History, culture, religion, and ethnicity has, and ever will, trump the primacy of economics and the retarded, psychotic, globalist step child that liberalism has given birth to.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Since it has now become quite fashionable among science fiction movies (Divergence, The Hunger Games, Logan's Run, and Brave New World) to divide society into groups I thought I would do the same with my fellow whites coupled with an understanding of history and politics.

So here it is from worst to best.

Malevolents- those who deliberately and with malice of forethought actively work against their own race based on some type of shewed ideal or utopian ethic. It is common among this type for many to have almost a psychological hatred of their own race which borders on the pathological. Luckily there are a minority of our race .Malevolents are devious and are very intelligent but amoral.

Lemmings- by far the vast majority of our race. This type is racially unaware and historically follow the path of least resistance. They live a life based on a avoidance of pain and a gravitation towards pleasure.Under the proper leadership they are capable of racially productive work and activity but under the aegis of liberal-egalitarian ideology they have a tendency to become hedonistic and conformists. They live vicariously immersing themselves in spectator sports, fads, and other forms of escapism.They are ruled by the senses and emotions, unlike the Malevolents who are ruled by rage and envy.

Enablers-This type is aware, at least partially, of the crisis confronting our people but chose not to get involved for fear of losing their job or alienation from family or friends. If it can be said that lemmings are motivated by the baser instincts of pain and pleasure then it is equally true  that Enablers primary motivation is economics. They are not as lazy or as uncouth as lemmings. Many of them become quite successful in life. Most of the people in government and the business world comprise this type.They will only go so far and will not cross the line into Sentients or Guardians.

Sentients- these are those who are are aware of the crisis confronting our people. Unlike the Enablers they can see the whole picture.They see reality as it actually is and the consequences which awaits us if current trends do not change. Many of these are well read and have devoted years, if not decades, to the study of race,politics, and history.However, they have not realized that truth without will to action profits us nothing.They wait until what they think is the right opportunity before they jump in.For most of them this is merely an excuse for inaction, although they have difficulty admitting this to themselves.Many of them  do graduate into the ranks of the Guardians, but usually after some personal or family mishap, or after years ,if not decades, of serious reflection until the angst becomes to strong to avoid and must be alleviated!

Guardians- there are those who were formerly of the Sentient class but have made a choice to actively fight for the preservation of the race. They are the true racial idealists and willing to sacrifice all to the dawn of a new era for our people. This type has always been exceedingly rare in our people's history but all that we are and all that we may become depends upon them. They are the personification of higher humanity.

Overlords- these are the ruling elite, the  guardians who have emerged victorious from the struggle and now devote their life to creating a more natural order, a better way for our people.This type will not be evident until victory is assured and they emerge from the ruins and chaos.They are the architects of a new era, a New Dawn for Western humanity. They were the defenders of the race, they will now be its vanguard and guiding light!

The Frankfort School

It is indeed  a sad testimony to the shallowness of the American right that most of them have never heard of the Frankfurt School. It is impossible to understand what is happening to the white Western world (not just America) unless you understand the ideology of the Frankfurt school. What appears as separate and unrelated attacks from Feminists,non-whites, homosexual activists, and liberals  can now be understood as a unitary force. Since it is a unitary force, even though the individual collectives may not realize they are part of a wider whole, it requires a holistic and unified force to oppose it. One look at the composition of right wing conservatives and one can quickly ascertain they are not up to par.

New Dawn has the unified and holistic ideology to defeat the Frankfort School lunacy and give victory to our race and thereby once more ascend the upward path! It is difficult to win a struggle for our very existence if we are not aware of the enemies tactics, or even worse have adopted some of their terminology and rhetoric. The revolution within must give birth to the revolution without. Political secession cannot succeed if there has not been a degree of mental secession among the very masses you are trying to save.Contrary to popular opinion the truth will not set you free without the will to action, anymore than a gun will save you from a burglary if you lack the courage to pick it up and use it. Otherwise you just become a more miserable slave since you now comprehend you are a slave but lack the will to do anything about it.

MUST SEE Political Correctness Exposed! Marxism Communism Frankfurt Scho...