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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

America's Foreign Policy

The United States foreign policy can be likened to a drunkard that stumbles from bar to bar starting fights and leaving chaos behind and always picking on lessor opponents. Is it any wonder the entire world hates the United States? Its foreign policy radically changes every time a new president is elected. It has no stability  and today's policies will be tomorrows obstacles. If the U.S. were a person it would have Attention Deficient Disorder , if not outright Schizophrenia!

As explained in our formation what is needed in today's world is a biting critique of what America has become. That is the role of New Dawn! America is the anti-nation, the very antithesis of what the Founding Fathers intended, a globalist cabal masquerading as a nation! Look at what it has turned Libya into! This is not the nation of our fathers, it ruins everything it touches! They might have been tyrants but Iraq and Libya were far more stable under their dictators, whom America hated, than they are after America's "liberation." America enters, they tear stuff up, leave no infrastructure, then withdraw, and become incredulous when said nations they liberated turn into havens for terrorists and extremists.  Libya is now tottering on the edge of anarchy with Islamic fanatics controlling much of the nation. Their Prime Minster cannot even hold meetings for fear it will be bombed and participants killed. That is what America has wrought by deposing Muammar Qaddafi and don't kid yourself that Benghazi was not a direct result of American interference and the chaos it created. What does it matter? (to quote Hillary Clinton) It matters a great deal because the incompetence (or is it malevolence) of America's state department created this far more than the Islamic fanatics that were blamed.They merely took advantage of a situation created by others.

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