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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Liberals are worried because Austria ranks dead last among 34 developed nations (also called First World nations)  as regards immigration. Like most White nations Austria has a declining birthrate. Liberals worry that there wont be enough taxes to  pay their pensions upon retiring. Their solution? Make Austria more attractive to immigrants. They mean non-white immigrants, of course. The fact that that would change the racial complexion of Austria seems not to bother them as long as their pensions are paid.

How about a government program (liberals, after all, love government programs) to offer financial incentives to up the birthrate, including tax breaks and financial grants. Of course, the very thought would be racist to liberals! Encourage a white birthrate? My God, man that is the height of racism! Why should our genes be the ones that are subsidized? Of course that is lunatic talk but that is the way liberals reason, which is why New Dawn considers liberalism less an ideology and more of a political pathology that does to a nation what AIDS does to a body!

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