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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The call of "Blood."

In the vernacular of the common man it has become fashionable to use the term "blood" when referring to matters of race or genetics that determine individual and collective qualities of men and races. Nature is ever moving towards forms of greater complexity which is merely the driving force of the divine Creator. What is history but the interplay of divergent and competing forms of DNA to actualize itself and establish a medium conducive to its particular phenotype and genotype?

This is the struggle of humanity, and ever has been and ever will be, a struggle strictly bio-cultural in nature in which economics is relegated to its natural state as a reflection of particular strands of kindred DNA, but does not exist as an independent variable outside and independent of the bio-cultural struggle that plays itself out on the world stage. Thus we proclaim the unnatural and artificial nature of the so called "Class Struggle" even as we acknowledge the Ethno-State as the next step in the political evolution of our people and the natural medium whereby our particular genes, our kindred DNA, coalescence and express themselves, even as kindred strains further combine in a greater whole and produce the higher man, the higher humanity,which alone can lead to a new dawn, a new era for our people.We journey into the mists of a distant future where in time even the Ethno-State may evolve into something greater that only a higher humanity would recognize or comprehend

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