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Sunday, November 30, 2014


A southeast Virginia Indian tribe, known as the Pamunkey,wants federal recognition, which would allow special benefits in education, housing, and medical benefits, including the right of the Pamunkey to own a casino.

However, the Congressional Black Caucus  is hopping mad, not because they are opposed to gambling, but because the Pamunkey tribe has a tribal law which forbids intermarriage to anybody outside of the Pamunkey tribe except to fellow Native-America or Caucasians. That pretty much leaves black people in the dust. Of course, blacks cannot stand to be banned from doing anything, as they think they have a right to stick their nose anywhere and everywhere and demand admission, an Indian tribe being no exception!

Pamunkey Chief Kevin Brown (hardly an Indian name. I would advocate the Pamunkey forbid intermarriage to whites also) points out that the tribal law was an attempt to protect Native-American identity and was never an attack on African-Americans , nor did it reflect ill will towards them.

I seem to recall recently the Cherokee nation expelled a lot of white, black, and racially mixed people, from its tribe who were using their Native-America status (which in many cases they did not have) to qualify for government benefits. I believe the Cherokees used DNA tests to settle the issue and those without significant Native-America ancestry were given the boot.
HAIL THE CHEROKEE NATION! Native-Americans get it in a way that whites cannot! Of course, that ill change when whites become a minority and America becomes a living hell!

When we do finally achieve our Ethno-State I firmly believe we should grant Native-Americans self-autonomous status and let them run their own affairs, including total independence if they so desire!




The conservationist movement reflects the legacy of John Muir and that is a problem to the lunatic left. It was Muir who founded the Sierra Club and was instrumental in his advocacy and formation of the National Park System. However, Muir was conservative in his racial views, one might even say he saw racial conservationism among whites as a needed component of a greater environmental conservationism. Liberals  have noticed that Blacks and Hispanics have been conspicuously absent in visiting national parks and are no where to be seen in the environmental movement.

Jon Christensen, a historian with UCLA's Institute of Environmentalism and Sustainability is the leading force against Muir's legacy. Consider the following quote from Christensen;

" The conservationist movement of John Muir, has had an influence on a certain demographic-older and white-and that's  a problem."

Consider the ivory trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. Who led the actions to save the elephant from total extinction from black poachers? People of white European ancestry! In fact, a famous white South African author, Wilbur Smith, wrote a classic book on the subject entitled  The Elephant's Song, and is highly recommended. It is a fictional narrative , but based on real events.

Even now the black Rhino is an endangered species and guess which race of people, out of all the earth's population, is leading efforts for its preservation?  But for Christensen that's a problem because he wants more blacks and Hispanics to visit national parks, and populate the environmentalist movement, and he is willing to defame and destroy the legacy of Muir, and white people in general, to achieve it. 


If you have not listened to this nationally syndicated radio program out of Memphis you have missed a treat! This is the only professionally produced radio program that deals with racial issues head on, without the Liberal-Marxist slant of the mainstream media, or the total avoidance of the issue by the Conservative Right. The Political Cesspool not only streams on internet nationwide, but also has many AM stations on terrestrial radio that carry the program.  Every program is archived. One only has to click on the link to listen to any program.




 I read a nationally syndicated columnist today who was lamenting the fact that Holocaust survivors were dying out and that soon society will forget about the Holocaust and no none will be left to bring up its historical significance.You have to be a complete idiot to believe that and I believe the author was being ingenious to even suggest it.One cannot not live in America and be ignorant of the Jewish domination of our media. To call attention to said domination is not anti-Semitic hysteria, as the media would have you believe, but is an objective fact often bragged about internally by Jewish elements themselves (Did you miss Ben Stein's commentary on said Jewish domination of Hollywood and the media? Stein is not exactly a Gentile name.)

Monday, November 24, 2014


Here is diversity among the European people, the only race on earth that has different hair and eye colors, all of which are recessive traits that are erased when mixed with people of  darker hair and eyes, especially non-whites.


Here is diversity among non-whites.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Do not go gently into that good night.  Rage, rage, rage, against the dying of the Whites!

Friday, November 21, 2014


Sometimes I think whites almost deserve to become extinct. They have to be the most dysfunctional race on the planet as regards their well being and self-image.  Remember in evolution that which is superior is that which survives! Nature cares not for how beautiful your women are, how transcendent your art is, or how advanced your science, what counts is reproduction rates.

A new group has formed in Ferguson , Missouri entitled "Witnessing Whiteness" I just heard some of them being interviewed. All of them, without exception, are spewing forth Cultural Marxism whether they know it our not. It is straight from the Frankfurt Institute. If you don't know what that is then you have no idea what is driving all this Feminism, diversity,homosexuality, and anti-white racism.

The idea that they use  the word "Whiteness" in their title makes me think they have been influenced by Tim Wise, America's foremost diversity speaker and anti-white racist, who likes to speak of abolishing "Whiteness" and race as a social construct. In reality, it is society that is a racial construct instead.

The crowd at "Witnessing Whiteness" tended to be older white females, many approaching retirement age, with a  few millennials sprinkled in. Why is it that white liberal males all look the same? Slightly effeminate with the Leon Trotsky goat-tee beard, usually with an ear or two pierced wearing a knit toboggan? Where is the hate bus when you need it to knock some sense in white people?


In reality Liberal Democracy is merely the fade behind which Plutocracy rules.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Future historians, who will probably be Chinese if the whites keep on insisting on racial suicide, will date November 20, 2014 as the date in which America passed the point of no return. it was on this date Obama announced his plan to grant Amnesty to tens of millions of Mexicans here illegally in the United States.

It remains to be seen what the Republicans will do. No less a person than Rand Paul admitted on Patriot Radio (Sirius XM 125) that Republicans would NOT consider impeachment charges against Obama if he acted unilateral and imposed Amnesty by executive fiat. What in the hell do they think voters elected them to do in the most recent Republic sweep?

There is, however, historical precedent for this  as regards the Roman Empire. There was an emperor named Caracalla ( 188-217 AD) who, in a fit of egalitarian madness, granted Roman citizenship to all inhabitants of the empire. This, of course, made the Patricians mad because heretofore citizenship was earned, not bestowed at birth or by imperial decrees.The patricians made up the Senatorial class and believed, quite rightly, that such an expansion weakened the very concept of citizenship.

Now why did Caracalla do this?  He wanted a way to raise tax revenue by making more people citizens and then taxing the hell out of them and making them fight in Rome's never ending wars for empire. Does that sound like a certain North American nation we all know and love?

Unfortunately Caracalla was not stabbed in the Roman Senate for his treason and left to bleed out on the steps of the forum as Caesar was. Nor will Obama be impeached. Rome , however, lasted another 259 years after Caracalla until German barbarians invaded  in 476 and deposed the last Western emperor (Remember the eastern half of the empire lasted until 1054 until Muslims captured Constantinople)

Rest assured America will NOT last another 259 years, I doubt it will last even 50 years as the barbarians are already in the gates and the president just invited more in. So what is left for us as a people?

SECEDE...SECEDE...SECEDE! Get off the USS Titanic before it drags you to the bottom with her. The United States has no future. It is unsustainable, non-viable, and irredeemable. Secession may be today's political oddity but it will be tomorrows reality! There is no law under God's green earth that says you must remain in a nation that is headed towards destruction. Get out of Sodom least you die in the inferno!

Before physical secession becomes a reality we must first mentally secede? Have you mentally seceded from the United States yet? If not, why? If not now , when?

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


How many of the females accusing Bill Cosby of rape are white females?

Why is it we always hear about the evil Koch brothers who back conservative causes but never about George Soros who backs liberal causes?

Why is it acceptable for Israel to declare publicly is it a Jewish State, and its determination to remain so, and yet America must adopt multiracialism and demonize any white who wants to maintain a separate identity?

Why is the Constitution preferred over the Declaration of Independence?

Why will the Republicans allow Obama to pass Amnesty by executive fiat and not initiative impeachment proceedings?

If Gays may marry because they are legal adults and society has no business forbidding marriage  ceremonies to legal adults, then why cant polygamists marry?

Why is the Constitution so ineffective that no President has ever been removed from office and said document has done nothing to hasten our impending extinction, indeed has encouraged it via its interpretation from Supreme Court rulings?

Why do Jews in America support open borders and multiracialism as America's destiny but practice strict xenophobia when it relates to immigration and citizenship in Israel?

Why do we think that a majority Latino Southwest will be anything other than a reflection of what Mexico is with its endemic corruption and rule by drug cartels?

Monday, November 17, 2014


It seems like an anti-Semitic canard to claim that Jews, who represent less than 3 percent of the total population, somehow dominate the United States government, as well as major media outlets. Surely  such a bizarre fanaticism cannot be documented by facts and exists only in the diseased mind of Adolf Hitler and his hate filled Neo-Nazi followers. And yet there is that disturbing picture which appeared in the Washington Post taken at meeting of the Israeli-American Council in which the main donor to the Democratic party, Haim Saban, is shown along with the number one donor to the Republic Party, Sheldon Adelson. Both, coincidentally, just happen to be Jewish.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Have you seen Ferguson lately? Every store and business has covered all its windows and doors with plywood obviously expecting a major civil disturbance if the grand jury finds officer Darren Wilson innocent.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


I happened to see the movie Interstellar this weekend. I've always been a fan of science fiction but I've noticed a startling omission. There have been all kinds of stories about various catastrophes that confront humanity from environmental collapse, to nuclear warfare, to malevolent machines that dominate humanity, to aliens invading earth, to the rise of intelligent apes that replace humanity, to global zombie pandemics. Guess what scenario is never mentioned? How about the possible extinction of white Western humanity and its effects upon the world? Such a situation is a lot more realistic then some of the rot that passes for science fiction.

2001 A Space Odyssey is frequently voted the best science fiction movie of all time. The whole movie has a Neitzschean theme about it in which an unseen alien intelligence manipulates primitive sub-human primates and accelerates their evolution until they  evolve into modern humanity. Once humanity reaches the space age an astronaut is captured by these same aliens and further genetically manipulated until he becomes the Star Child, a blue eyed caucasian infant with God-like powers exactly, like his unseen alien creators. The whole message of 2001 is illiberal and inegalitarian and borders on eugenics and the Cosmotheism of William Pierce.

Interstellar concerned a blight that effects plant life so that only corn could grow. Starvation becomes rife and the oxygen supply is slowly diminishing.Whole regions that were formerly productive agricultural regions become dust bowls exactly like the vast dust bowls reminiscent of the Depression era of the 1930s. 

The space program has been outlawed and NASA scientists have become a secret  society as all research  and money must go towards trying to solve the environmental crisis and the maintenance of social welfare programs. (Shades of Obama since he has gutted the space program) A worm hole is discovered orbiting Saturn placed there by unseen aliens in an attempt to help preserve humanity. Closer observations of the wormhole reveals three earth like planets elsewhere in the universe. (And here we have the first borrowing of 2001 because in the book, but not the movie, the Star Gate is located on a moon of Saturn and not orbiting Jupiter as in the movie.)

A ship called the Endurance is designed to go through the wormhole and visit each of the three planets and see which of the three is the most habitable. Besides the crew, which is all white except for one Negro male, the ship also  contains canisters of frozen eggs and sperm in order to seed life elsewhere.They will be the future of humanity because the government has not told the people of earth that their planet is terminal and beyond redemption. (About like America is becoming for white people)

Anyway one planet is way too cold and barren looking which I found out in the credits was actually filmed in Iceland. Parts of Iceland do indeed look like an alien landscape, so much so that NASA even trained astronauts there in order to have a landscape that resembled the moon.

One crew member of a previous mission goes rouge and tries to kill everybody in the Endurance. Only the captain and one female survive. The lone surviving female ends up stranded one on of the three planets with the frozen canisters responsible for reseeding humanity. The lone surviving male hero is sucked into the wormhole without his ship, only in his spacesuit. Because of time dilation he does not age but the daughter and son he left behind on earth do. He journeys back to his house before he left when his daughter was still a child and tries to get her attention but she dismisses his activity as a ghost or poltergeist as her father (Him) tries to convince her such things don't exist and it is only her imagination. Apparently being trapped in the wormhole has given him extra-dimensional powers including the right to travel back in time as travel is instantaneous as he has only to think of a location and he is there. However, being raised to higher dimensions has made him invisible to humans and he is unable to  lower his vibrations in order to physically interact with three dimensional beings.

Eventually he wakes up in a hospital room. (Just like Dave Bowman in 2001 wakes up in an elaborate hotel after being sucked through the Star Gate.)  He believes himself to be back on earth in the present time but in reality he is in a massive space station orbiting Saturn designed to look like earth inside with lakes, forests, grass, and houses.(And here they borrow from Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama whereby what is believed to be a wondering asteroid that enters the solar system is actually a hollowed out asteroid with plants, trees, and water inside, but devoid of any beings)

His daughter is now near death and approaching 100 but is flown to the station and they meet at last, he still middle aged and her a women nearing her centennial. In this regard there is a further connection with a latter book called 3001 The Final Odyssey in which the body of astronaut Frank Poole was lost in space when the computer HAL 9000 went haywire and killed Poole by exiled him outside and disconnecting his oxygen supply. In the year 3001 his body is found and resuscitated.

Another tie in were intelligent computers called TARS which were enclosed in rectangular aluminium sheets which resembled the black monoliths from 2001, except the TARS were not as eloquent as HAL but did have greater mobility.

In closing, I really enjoyed this movie. The space scenes were awesome and a movie like this should only be seen in a Imax theater. I did think the movie soundtrack was way too loud, at times one could not hear the actors speak because of all the background theme music. The movie cries to be filmed in 3D, but alas was not.

Friday, November 7, 2014


If this does move you to tears and renew your dedication to fight for our people then you are too jaded and too far gone! Renew your mystic communion with your ancestors for blood alone turns the wheels of history.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Does that name ring a bell? He is a white male but I dare say if he had been a black male and the situation was reversed you would most certainly have heard of him, indeed his name would be on national news programs repeatedly until everyone in America had heard of him.

You see, Ward was on a double date and happened to pull into a McDonald's located in College Station, Texas which is home to Texas A & M University. Ward and his friends had just left a Country & Western establishment, indeed Ward was still wearing his cowboy hat, when he exited his vehicle and went inside the restaurant. On this particular night the McDonald's parking lot was like a scene out of Hell with over 200 shirtless and rowdy black males in the parking lot. A prudent person  would never have pulled into the parking lot but for some reason it didn't deter Ward and company.

It seems that said McDonald's was managed by an aspiring Hip-Hop artist named Carlos Butler. Mr. Butler was in the habit of hosting various rap groups at various venues in the community and then having said performers and audience to his restaurant for a late night meal. One would expect that with 200 people in the parking lot, in addition to a restaurant filled to capacity, that Butler would invest in some off duty cops as security, or at the very least install security cameras in the parking lot. He did none of these things and that in itself is inexcusable since police had already been to his establishment over 200 times on various disturbance calls.

At fate would have it after exiting the establishment Ward was attacked by 20 black males being lead by one Marcus Jamal Jones. He was severely beaten and later died of his injuries but in a gross miscarriage of justice Jones only plead guilty to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to 90 days.

During the trail McDonald's displayed a prime example of  Unbridled Capitalism in action as they had over 12 lawyers trying to bury the parents of Ward, who brought a Civil suit against McDonalds, in delays and paperwork. The media took great care to avoid the racial implications of this case.

Needless to say if Ward has been a black male beaten
by 20 white skinheads who had just left a white power heavy metal concert would this have made national news? Need we even ask?