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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


As you may have heard these signs were up in Harrison, Arkansas from over a year and infuriated the Judeo-liberal coalition, as well as the Harrison Diversity commission. They all rejoiced a few weeks ago when the lease was up and the sign company no longer renewed their lease. But poor liberals! Now a new sign has gone up that once more offends their sensitive natures. The Harrison Diversity Commission really lost their minds and even hosted the annual Martin Luther King festivities last year in Harrison in repentance of their sins, giving all the participants free room and board, as well as meal vouches for local restaurants, as long as this would hold this years Kingfest in Harrison instead of Little Rock. They did so to the horror of Harrison's citizens, who were suddenly swamped with unruly black teens and arrogant black adults, actions that further alienated the majority white conservative citizens of Harrison with the result that Jeff Crockett, the liberal mayor of Harrison and a Chicago transplant, who is also on the Diversity Commission, was soundly defeated at election time.  The King-festers went so far as to bring a coffin entitled white racism and insisted it be buried with a full religious ceremony in a local cemetery with full pomp and circumstance.  The diversity commission did as it was ordered and the ceremony was held as black preachers ranted and raved about the evil of whites and white racism as they buried the coffin.. The new sign is listed below. What good does it do to kill white racial consciousness while  the racial consciousness of blacks is cultivated and empowered on a daily basis by the media and government? Make no mistake about it; multiracial diversity = eventual white extinction!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Bring Back the "N" Word

How in the world are white people ever going to regain control of their nation when they live in mortal fear that blacks may get offended of words they use. And if they are offended they are liable to rape, riot, loot, pillage, burn, or have some other unpredictable and violent reaction.

Dr. Manning: God is sick of Black People!

Obama's Bra 54 Double "D"


Is it any wonder I refer to American conservatives as the "Retarded Right?" How hard did they have to look to find a black male to elevate as Tea Party president in hopes that liberals will leave them alone. O my god, they imagine liberals will say, they have a Black president of the Tea Party! How wrong we were! These are not bad people. They have embraced diversity. Now maybe we can all work together and get along and we will promise to quit calling the Tea Party racist!

Yes, that is exactly how brain dead most white conservatives are. They have earned their title! When is the last time the lunatic (Lunatic as in psychotic) left ever tried to win them over to their way of thinking? When have they ever kicked out one of their own because people in the right did not like him, or her, or were offended by their politics? NEVER! So why does the retarded right even play the diversity game and try to win them over? All it does is alienate their own grassroots level. Their job is to oppose them , not to be Liberal Lite as opposed to Liberal Classic.

Latest Jessica Chambers News Update/Interviews "Over 100 People Question...

Listen to the speech patterns of this white female!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Recent Bill O'Reilly Video

As you watch this video, which I imagine may cost him his job as one cannot discuss race honestly in America if one is white, bear in mind what ethnic group dominates the entertainment media.

Race In America! - President Obama

Monday, December 22, 2014

Communist Indoctrination Anti Gun Video

Communist Indoctrination Anti Gun Video

Attack on the White Nations

Attack on the White Nations

TruTube TV Black Invades Home, Beats White Woman

North Korea verses Judeo-liberalism!

I am not at all convinced North Korea is behind this hacking of Sony entertainment. Usually when something like this happens it is almost inevitably disgruntled former employees. I am told Sony had a massive lay off before this happened..

Regardless, however, it has shown us that the Judeo-liberal coalition that dominates American media, academia, and politics, is not monolithic and all powerful, indeed it appears to have feet of clay! As I have said before all we need to do to bring about its demise is regain our  will to power as a people! In other words lose the fear, regain the pride!

I am sure North Korea is smaller than many  America states. If a nation smaller that Texas or Alaska can humble mighty Sony in that regard  it is pathetic. They caved like a baby and much like the little pig went wee...wee...wee... all the way home! Now, if it was a former employer who hacked them that is even more pathetic. Can you not see their power is based on our apathy and fear?


Guess who as Joan of Arc?

Notice the Aryan mystique in the following Front National poster.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


15% of marriages in the United States are now interracial which is up from 6.7% in 2000. The breakdown as as follows;

44% involved couples who are Hispanic and white
16% who are Asian and white
9% who are black and white

(PS- can they not add? This doesn't add up to  100% unless the rest are racially unidentifiable people, but nevertheless obviously non-white)


The Democrats have a problem of their own with some of their constituents abandoning ship, but they probably don't care. They have lost the support of the white working class whom FDR labored so hard to attract with his New Deal programs.  The Democrat Party now prefers to focus on minority issues, the environment, and heath care for all, while leaving white working class people to the ravages of corporate America and minority onslaughts.

Among non-college educated whites Obama's approval rate is a dismal 27 %. Democrats were crushed outside of coastal areas or urban enclaves. In other words where wealthy whites in their gated communities, or poor non-whites live.  Working class whites no longer see the Democratic Party as the party of the New Deal, but the party of minorities, the poor and urban elites. Even a liberal as brain dead as Chuck Schumer claims Obama blew it when he concentrated on health-care reform instead of fixing the broken economy and job creation.

Now these white working and middle class people finally get it and can be the salvation of our race if they would only embrace revolutionary discontent and demand a nation of their own, a White Ethno-State, in which government would protect the white middle and working class against both the  Unbridled Capitalism of the Plutocratic elite and the  parasitic, and majority non-white, underclass.


Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson is the Republican Party's largest donor, at 100 million, and a devout supporter of Israel.  He has already held auditions for the  2016 Republican contenders in which he grills them on their support of Israel. Whoever gets his support, he states, must share his views on Israel!

At a recent convention of the Israeli American Council (not to be confused with the more influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee- AIPAC) Adelson  says the Palestinians do not exist , that they are an invented people, but nevertheless, these "invented people" should be kept behind a big wall with no say in their own governance. (How can a people who do not exist govern themselves anyway? Or be kept behind a wall?)

He also said the Bible says nothing about democracy and that if Israel isn't a democracy...then so what? Can you imagine a white politician demanding that non-whites be kept behind a wall and not be allowed to govern themselves and if America has to repudiate democracy to do so what?

Not to be outdone the number one donor of the Democratic Party was also at the same event.  Haim Saban ,who has  close ties to Hillary Clinton, said if the U.S. cuts a nuclear deal with Iran then Israel should bomb the daylights out of these sons of a bitch. Well, its obvious where his loyalty lies and it is not towards America. We should consider any politician who promises to put Israel above America, and that is what they must promise before they get financing, is a traitor and should have to register as a foreign agent as we require lobbyists of all other nations to do.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Many of us were in high school when the first episode of Star Wars hit the theater. Many others were not even born. For those who were alive, especially those living is small farming towns, ( much like Luke Skywalker) Star Wars was almost like an epiphany to us, especially in those who were capable of deeper philosophical thought than were the rest of the democratized masses.

We to wanted to fight the evil empire! And I am here to tell you that many white southern boys re-imagined the evil empire as the United States and the Rebel Alliance as a futuristic version of our own struggle for Southern Independence. We all wanted to be involved in a greater cause fighting for something better. The pseudo-patriotism of the system just did not cut it for us. America seemed artificial and hypocritical, a mere shadow of its former self. We had no desire to die in endless wars for non-existent peace in order to make the world safe for globalism. That was stuff an evil empire does. We wanted a greater cause, a transcendent ideology, to live and die for not liberal democracy and multiracial diversity, which was nothing but a slow death by racial extinction via assimilation! To us that was the evil empire!

Exactly how did the Galactic Republic become corrupted into a Galactic Empire? Mainly by the malevolent intentions of one Senator Palpatine. When he finished with his reforms the Republic was an empire, and although the symbols and structure appeared to be the same, those imbued with the mystic force knew that a fundamental change had occurred.

And thus was born the Alliance to Restore the Republic, more commonly called the Rebel Alliance.
 So how does form follow fiction? The parallels are almost uncanny for those of our people who still have eyes to see and ears to hear who have not surrounded to the siren song of diversity and equality.

Obama = Palpatine! Both started out as Senators and both transformed the Republic until it has reached the point of no return. The Rebel Alliance may want to restore the Republic but the Ethno-Statists among us know that is a lost cause. What we need is an independent and sovereign white nation fashioned from among the more conservative Red States.

Evil empire = America in the sway of the globalist cabal.
The Force = the Ethos felt among those of us in which the flames of  racial preservation still burns brightly and like the mystical force in Star Wars it is only evident among the chosen few. It is something the masses did not have and cannot obtain. It is genetic in origin and I think the same is the case in many whites for whom the white flame of preservation burns brightly.

OK. I couldn't avoid adding the Confederate flag to the Rebel Alliance symbol to emphasize my point! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! HAIL THE NEW DAWN!

Friday, December 12, 2014



This one is called Sugar Baby.


The artist is Christopher Wool and the title of the painting is Apocalypse Now. It just sold for 26.4 million at an art auction.


H.R. 758 passed 411 to 10! These honorable men, some liberal and Democratic, some conservative and Republican (Or libertarian) voted against it!

Justin Amash (R-MI)

John Duncan (R-TN)

Alan Grayson ( D-FL)

Alcee Hastings (D-FL)

Walter Jones  (R-NC)

Thomas Massie ( R-KY)

Jim McDermott ( D-WA)

George Miller (D-CA)

Beto O'Rourke (D-TX)

Dana Rohrabacher ( R- CA)

H.R. 758

By now you will have heard the Republican led house has passed a virulent anti-Russian measure condemning Russian in the strongest possible terms. As I have said before a conservative never met a war he didn't approve of, just like a liberal never met a tax increase he didn't support.

Every time the evil empire (sorry, Folks. Thats us! the good ole U.S. of A. is now the very antithesis of what the founding fathers intended) wants to go to war the enemy of the moment is another Hitler, one who attacks innocent nations, plans world domination, and want to genocide this or that people. It should be so old by now it should fool one one, but unfortunately the white conservative majority has fallen for this ploy time and time again, and is falling for it now judging by conservative radio talk shows. Oceania is at war with Eastasia, Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia! (Except for last month when the enemy was not Eastasia but the evil Eurasia. Does that not sound like American foreign policy?)

You want to know who really is in favor of Globalism and word domination? It is not Russia, but the good ole U.S. of A! We were the architect of both the League of Nations and the United Nations. Extra-legal organizations, such as the Ford Foundation and George Soros' Open Society Institute, as well as the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and the Trilateralist Commission, openly  advocate and often finance  revolutions around the world, the purpose of which is to destroy national sovereignty and make them dependent on the United States and world banking firms, such as the International Monetary Fund. The paradigm has changed. It is not longer the left and world Communism that desires global government, it is Unbridled Capitalism and the United States with its Neo-Conservative wing, that have fomented wars in order to plug everybody into the New World Order.

H.R. 758 advocates visa bans, asset freezes, sanctions, and other measures. One should not be surprised that this leads to war as other nations consider that a hostile act. It is what led the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. Of course, that is exactly what the globalists in DC (Demonic Cartel?) want! Make no mistake about it! They want war.

They are mad because Russian invaded Crimea. But Crimea was an historic part of Russian until Khrushchev gave it to the Ukraine. The majority of its population is ethic Russian. Therefore by what right do Ukrainians have to dominate the region and oppose  self-determination of the part of its Russian majority. And vice-versa!

I understand the majority of Ukrainians are not Russians and are more Western oriented. So why not split the nation up in relation to its dominant ethnicity with an independent Eastern Ukraine tied to Russia and an  Western Ukraine tied to the West?

I think you will find that if you investigate the coup d' etat in the Ukraine you will George Soros and his globalist entities left their fingerprints all over it! Russia scares the living hell out of the U.S. because Putin is very popular with his people and Russian nationalism is on the rise and nationalism is a direct threat to any form of globalism and one world government! Former General Wesley Clark is already on record for saying the United States cannot permit the emergence of ethic based states in Europe anymore. In other words all nations, especially white European nations, must embrace diversity and cannot resist immigration from other nations!

For the U.S. to condemn Russia for its activity in nations that it borders begs the question of how we would react if Russia attacked our policy in Mexico or involved itself in our convoluted immigration policy.All you pseudo- patriots clamoring for war now would be wrapping yourself in the American flag and raising holy hell!

Exactly who has made the Middle East such an unstable place? The United States, that's who!  We have this deluded vision that if we topple this or that Arab ruler then democracy will reign and the whole area will become a productive society with peace, justice, and equality for all! We empower Al-Qaeda and ISIS by creating power vacuums which they exploit. Is Libya any better because we finally toppled Qaddafi? How has Iraq been since we toppled Saddam Hussein?  Is Serbia any better because we bombed the Serbs to win the support of Muslims in Kosovo? How is that Muslim support working out for us around the world?

Beware! They want war to take your mind of immigration! It is the old bait and switch. The Judeo-liberal coalition wants your focus on Russia while they flood America and make it a majority non-white nation, with two minority populations (Blacks & Latinos) now totally dependent upon government dole, and hence a voting bloc to dispossess White America and push it on the path to extinction!

The true enemy of America is not in Moscow. He is not in the Ukraine. He is not in Syria, Iran, or Afghanistan, or Iraq. He is in Washington DC and New York, that political-finiancial nexus, (what Goldwater called the Eastern Establishment, the same entity Charles Lindbergh & Henry Ford) warned against) that empowers globalism and has dominated America foreign policy since the days of Wilson.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


President Obama recently quoted scripture when he repeated the Biblical verse that states people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. The only problem with Obama identifying this as a Biblical verse is that it is not in the Bible. Indeed glass was not around in New Testament times and was a later invention.  I cant make this stuff up folks!

Liberals are all up in arms about CIA torture techniques. I really don't give a damn what they  use on people who behead non-believers and want the entire world to be converted to Islam, peacefully if possible, violently if necessary. Nor does it violate the Geneva Convention of War as that is intended for  armed soldiers of verifiable nations, not rag tag militia groups whose weapons of war including selling women in sexual slavery and beheading anyone, even women and children, who will not convert to Islam.

23 States have now joined together in an attempt to block Obama's blanket amnesty as an unconstitutional act. They obviously have a deep suspicion that the recent Republican landslide will do nothing to reverse America's decline, and I agree whole heartedly. This is indeed an impeachable offense but Republicans will be too cowardly to do so, and besides their corporate backers want illegals here as a source of cheap labor! Nor will appeals to the Constitution save us because it means whatever a subversive Supreme Court says it means and in all honesty the Constitution hasn't worked since Lincoln killed it in the grossly misnamed Civil War. Even the founding fathers said it was predicated upon a moral and virtuous people and we are anything but a moral and virtuous people. The American people are more concerned with who is going to win the Superbowl, what Kim Kardashain is doing, or the athletic exploits of Labron James, or the recent antics of Miley Cyrus. America has a toxic culture that is Judeo-African in origin in that Jews and liberal whites, dominate the media and use it to advocate black culture to the masses, especially white youth.

The symbols are the same but the inner substance has changed. We still have a Constitution and flag but they are meaningless in a deracinated, degenerate, democratized, nation. We are like a body possessed in which the outward appearance is still human , but inside it is infested with demons bent on chaos and destruction, and the eventual demise of the host organism. And let the record show America willingly invited these demons in by virtue of its flawed ideology.

The only solution is for a proportion of the more conservative red states, those that still have a majority white base, to secede and form an alternative to the United States. It will not be a nation that tries to rebuild America part II in a retreat to Maybury and Leave it to Beaver, but one that recognizes America is dying and that a lot of what killed it is the very toxins that it so passionately embraced and advocated in its irrational , universal egalitarian mentality, which they insisted on imposing on the world. I am talking about a secessionist movement based on a form of white separatist-nationalism.  (as one must separate before one can nation build) A nation where the preservation of the race is the whole of the law and the basis of any future constitution of said nation.

The last thing we need in the world is for the two dominant majority white nations, namely Russia and the United States, to get into a shooting war, but that is exactly what these retarded, reactionary, Republican conservatives want! They are incapable of realizing that in such a situation both forces lose and China emerges the victor and the the global demise of the white race is thereby accelerated. We must, for the sake of our children and generations yet unborn, divorce ourselves from this pseudo-patriotism, this star spangled sickness, and form our own nation, a nation of our people and by our people, and for our people. OURSELVES ALONE! This is hard politics, this is future politics, which we must not hesitate to embrace if our race is to have any future at all on the North America continent. There is no other way! Neither the Tea Party, the Republicans, or appeals to the Constitution, will save us! America is too far gone.To the incurable one should not try to be a physician.  White political conservatives must transcend America and  become racial conservationists.Only then can the original ideal of the founding fathers be preserved.




Friday, December 5, 2014


A NY Times reporter is convinced that multiracialism effects stock trading in a more productive way.  It was found that when whites are trading among themselves they are more likely to drive prices to irrational levels. Neil Irwin of the NY Times believes this is because whites tend to trust other whites and believed they were getting reasonable trades, when in reality they were being ripped off by their fellow whites.

However, when a group of non-whites was added to the original white trading group the group was more accurate in their analysis of stock trading and the non-whites knew when whites were ripping off fellow whites. The moral , of course, is that adding non-whites to the economy, especially stock market trading, makes its more honest, and thus multiracialism is essential to our economy, since everything revolves around the stock market.

 But the question unasked is how many of these "white" traders were actually Jews who knew the "Goyim" ( a derogatory Yiddish term for Gentiles, especially white Christian gentiles) would assume they were white and shared some kind of in-group loyalty, when in reality they took advantage of gentile gullibility, and lack of awareness on the Jewish question. However, I realize this is all anti-Semitic hysteria to even suggest such, because we all know Jews are not involved in insider trading, banking, or the stock market.

Non-whites tend to be less supporting of Israel and more conscious of the Jewish influence on America, the media, and especially in the economic arena. That begs the question of what will happen when America becomes a Afro-Latino majority nation? Such a nation probably wont have a guilt complex about the Holocaust or send Israel 4 billion a year.

Aristotle on race and revolution

Thursday, December 4, 2014


The USS Ponce has made history by being the first naval vessel fitted with a laser as a form of weaponry instead of communication. The 30 kilowatt laser is capable of incinerating small drones or boats (shades of HG Wells' Heat Ray in the War of the Worlds)

It also has a stun mode where it can emit blinding flashes of light as a warning mechanism. The USS Ponce is currently on call in the Persian Gulf doing its part to make the world safe for Zionism. Imagine what said laser weapons will be like in 2064, that is if any white Americans are still around then, otherwise I suppose we will have to envision Star Wars like battles with the Chinese in the role of the Empire and Russians representing the rebel alliance. If  American whites do get their stuff together and form viable Ethno-States then we will be the rebel alliance and the evil empire will be the good ole U.S. of A! Doubt it not!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Consider this quote from Thomas Jefferson in regards to a previous video whereby  Louis Farrakhan said  that they would tear this G*ddamned country apart if their demands are not met. I would contend they have been doing that for decades Such a system is nonviable and unsustainable.