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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Diversity Explosion

He seems so positive and optimistic about white dispossession and extinction! F the evil empire! Secede!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015



Click on all the subsections! The amount of info they have gathered is incredible!

Monday, January 26, 2015


These past few months I have been engaged in some serious soul searching. I am determined to answer the following questions:

Why do conservative groups in America keep losing time after time after time? If one were to be totally honest I cannot think of a single victory since World War II. I realize conservative politicians get elected, but what do they actually do when elected to roll back liberal gains?

Why are American racialist oriented groups so ineffective compared to their European counterparts?European nationalists can put tens of thousands of activists in the streets whereas their American counterparts have to salvage a ten state area just to get fifty activists to show up.

If there was an effective white racialist group what would it look like? What would be its ideology?

Why are American white racialists so dysfunctional both on the individual and organizational level?

What should be the proper goals and outlook of a serious political organization dedicated to our preservation?

So I spent two months reading and constructing a serious ideology.

Ultimately I devised an ideology and Worldview, I thought of every question and  objection I have ever heard people ask about race, politics, immigration, and countless other subjects, and included them in the January 2015 Archives in the FAQ section. The ideology can be found in the December 2014 archives.

The final result was a blog called The Aryana Foundation.

Now why the name Aryana? Because it is a play on the word Aryan and also on the Afrikaner settlement in South African called Orania. I also based the name Aryana Free State from one of the old Boer Republics, more specifically the Orange Free State.

Why the word Foundation? Watch the following video below and you will understand. Our mission is akin to that of the galactic scientists in the Foundation Trilogy in that we must preserve what we can so a later renaissance is possible. Every building mist have a foundation and the Aryana Foundation is supported by 12 ideological columns which will be apparent when you examine our ideology in detail.

That having been said I would maintain that New Dawn will still be active for daily comments whereas The Aryana Foundation is intended for a more in depth analysis.

Foundation - Trailer

The U.S. is that empire and the Aryana Foundation exists to preserve a portion of our people so that a future renaissance is possible.


Professor Reich is attached to Harvard Medical School and has a rather unique idea as concerns evolution and Neanderthals. He believes the original Europeans, that is to say Cro-Magnons, were dark eyed and dark haired, whereas the Neanderthals were blond or red headed. He contends that the Cro-Magnons  and the Neanderthals were contemporaries and that, contrary to popular belief, the Cro-Magnons did not wipe out the Neanderthals in an act of genocide, but actually bred with them and that the mixture of Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal genes is what makes Europeans(That is to say white Caucasians) unique.

Actually the whole theory is not new. An author named Michael Bradley, who was Canada's first Black member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was the first, as far as I know, to advance that theory. The name of the book, which I actually have in my library, is entitled The Iceman Inheritance; Prehistoric Sources of Western Man's Racism, Sexism, and Aggression. Needless to say the book is based on the white devil theory of history whereby whites can do no right even as people of color can do no wrong! The thesis of the book is that whites are a psychotic species,bloody, warlike, and prone to genocide, which can all be accounted for by the prevalence of Neanderthal genes in the European gene pool which does not exist in people of African ancestry.

Reich believe that light colored skin and red hair, or blond hair, came from our Neanderthal heritage. He believes that the common portrayal of Neanderthals with black or brown hair, and dark complexions,is a total reversal of the reality. He contends that genes associated with Lupus, biliary cirrhosis, Crohn's disease, and smoking addictions  were all inherited from our Neanderthal genes.

Reich believes that Neanderthals inhabited Scotland and Scandinavia where they survived the longest, which is also the region that has the greatest incidence of red hair and blond hair. Of course, Reich's theory lacks the vitriol found in Bradley's theory but the study suggests we might have been better off without Neanderthal genes. One cant help but wonder if this is a clever way to defame people of Northern European ancestry. After all, Dr. Reich certainly does not look like he has any Northern genes, and yet Negroes' foreheads and brow ridge do resemble that of a Neanderthal far more than Europeans, especially Northern Europeans, do. Neanderthals are also hairy and stocky, whereas Nordics lack excessive body hair, as compared with Jews, Arabs, and Latinos, and also lack the stocky build .Indeed the African body physique tends to resemble Neanderthals far more so than do that of Europeans.

                                                        Dr. David Reich, Harvard Medical School
                                          Alleged blond Neanderthals


We all remember the little blond girl in elementary school who stood up and proclaimed that her grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. I remember one of my college professors proclaiming that race didn't exist, that we were all racially mixed, and hence no pure races were left on planet Earth. He then had every student stand up one by one and declare their ancestry. Almost to a man , except for yours truly, every white person claimed to have Indian ancestry. There you see, the professor said, we are all mixed, there are no pure races left, and all that Nazi rubbish to the contrary is garbage!

I also recall a female of my acquaintance who had fiery red hair, pale skin, and bright green eyes. Do not let this white skin fool you, she warned me, as she ran her fingers lightly up and down her arms, as I am full blooded Native-American! It really got ridiculous when she started dressing like a Hollywood version of a Indian process with poncho and moccasins, Navajo jewelry, and soft leather pants. All she lacked was some feathers in her hair! Maybe she should have died her hair jet black and went to the tanning booth to more resemble her new found ancestry.

Now comes along a study, a genetic survey, by a company called 23andme (That is how it is written with all the words ran together) The results may shock you. As Thomas Jefferson said; Let the facts be submitted to a candid world!

White Americans                      
 98.6 % European
0.19% African
0. 18 % Native-American
Did you catch that? For all the bragging about Native-American ancestry the African percentage is higher, yet I have yet to hear any white person stand up and say my grandmother was a full blooded slave or a Zulu princesses.

I should also add additional studies have found that fully 95 % of white Americans have no Negro or Native American ancestry and of the five % who do it is this 5% that is adding the 1.4% admixture to the average.

Now what about Hispanics? The study found a wide variation between those who come to the United States and those who remain in Mexico. Let us deal first with the immigrant population

Mexican Immigrants to USA
59% Native American
34% European
6% black

And of those Mexicans in Mexico
18% Native-American
65% European
6.2% African

This really is not surprising to those who have seen Univision or Mexican TV. The higher up one goes on the Mexican cultural scale the more European (white) the population appears. We are getting the most racially mixed of the Mexican people as regards immigrants.

So as regards whites so much for the mythical Indians ancestors or the fact that whites are racially mixed. Indeed we are almost a pure people and if we had a state that that employed natural eugenics we could soon be 100% pure European.


Isn't it ironic that first major thing the Republicans did after their massive landslide was not to reverse Obama's blanket Amnesty decree, nor was it to defund Obamacare, instead it was to invite the Prime Minster of Israel to address Congress about the Iranian situation. The Republicans want a ground war in the Middle East.

They do not want illegals sent back since that would disturb their corporate sponsors and those chamber of commerce types need illegals here as a cheap labor force so they do not have to pay health care or a decent wage.

So with Democrats we get liberalism on crack which advances at full speed ahead towards white extinction and eventual minority replacement. With Republicans we decrease speed by 50 % while in the meantime they bamboozle the masses with patriotic rhetoric and ensure your sons and daughters die in some God forsaken Middle Eastern nation fighting for "American freedom" until we finally reach minority status.

I predict the Republicans will blow it and a Democrat with  will be elected President in 2016 and Republicans voted out of office in a Democrat sweep. Politics is much to serious a business to be left to politicians. That is our children's future they are sacrificing all for short term economic gain.


I happened to look at the Miss Universe contestants. Miss USA was an Hispanic. Most of the contestants from Latin America looked anything but Latin, they were much more Aryan looking than many of majority white nations. Miss Ireland was dark haired and dark eyed, as was Miss Netherlands, both with dark complexions. Miss Jamaica was a light skinned Negro, probably an Octaroon in the vernacular of the old South. Miss Ukraine was probably the most beautiful.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Do you know why gas prices are so low at the pumps now? It is because the United States and Saudi Arabia have joined together to bring down Putin's Russia and destroy his economy by underselling him. What they are doing is no different from what Wal Mart does. They have such an immense volume they can sale at cost, or even at loss, until they drive their competitors out of business. For the United States and its vision of a unipolor world (That means a New World Order, Global Government) that means they will be no longer threatened by Putin's idea of a multipolar world.

For the Saudis they get to destroy the  emerging American oil future as regards the new fracking technology. You heard right ladies and gentlemen, the Demonic States, the new Evil Empire, is ready to kill the productivity of its own people in the oil fracking industry as long as the can eliminate the treat of Russia and the possibly it will reinvigorate a return to nationalism on a planetary basis. No nationalism = New World Order! New Nationalism = No World Order!  Think about that. Right now it is good for the consumer but I can assure once the fracking industry has been destroyed, and Russia humbled, they will recuperate their loses at the pump and gas prices will soar astronomically well past five dollars a gallon! Doubt it not.

This duplicitous cartel is the type of stuff that causes World Wars. Liberals like to contend  that it is nationalism that causes wars but in reality it is the subversive mechanisms of internationalism and globalism that cause such conflicts. One only has to examine how the United States also tried to strangle imperial Japan with the likes of such tactics to be weary of what the future might hold due to American incompetence, or malevolence, I am not sure which. America does not understand Realpolitiks, as the Germans say. Putin does! That is why he is running circles around Obama!

I personally would rather see a world based on a multipolar ideology than a unipolar one. I foresee secession ripping America apart in the future and a multipolar world would be more conducive to the establishment of a White Ethno-State (As well as Black, Native-American, and Hispanic Ethno-States) than one dominated by a unipolar vision, which would be that of Liberal-Modernity, controlled by the United States. In that regard America, not Russian, would be the cruelest taskmaster.


The Communist Party of the United States! (CPUSA) You doubt? Ok, go here and type in Martin Luther King in the search box.


How dare the American people prefer the movie American Sniper over Selma!  No less a person that Michael Moore has sounded off to let the world know he considers snipers cowards. Not to be outdone Seth Rothgen says he considers American Snipers as a form of Nazi propaganda. If that be the case, and that isn't the case, then what in the Hell is Selma? I know, Communist propaganda! That is not so far fetched especially as  the KGB files have been declassified in light of the fall of the Soviet Union and  numerous contacts who were part of King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference have been identified as Soviet agents. Remember the speech King gave in which he condemned American action in Vietnam and identified with the Vietcong? It is now revealed that the KGB wanted King to incorporate support for "People's Movements" all over the world and instructed their agents to move him in that direction.

Even JFK warned King that a lot of his top men were Communist agents. So who is the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr?

A man born as Michael King, not Martin Luther King.

A man whom Stanford University determined after an extensive investigation that he did indeed plagiarize the majority of his doctoral thesis and in many cases lifted it directly from other sources without even attempting to change a word!

A man who attended  a Communist training school in Tennessee known as Folklander.

A man who cohabited with prostitutes, both black and white, and often beat them severely.

A man who proclaimed while servicing said prostitutes that he  was "Fuc*ing for God!"

A man who was with two prostitutes in the Lorraine Hotel the night before he was killed.

A man whom J. Edgar Hoover called the most notorious liar in America.

A man who the FBI thought was such a security risk they wiretapped him for years and so shocking were the revelations that the King family had a federal judge seal the record until 2027!

A man whose trademark  "I have a Dream Speech" has now also shown to be lifted from earlier sources, which is the politically correct way of saying plagiarized.

I encourage all to go to the Political Cesspool and examine their blog. One also ought to listen to their broadcasts every week, either live or via the archives. No better radio program exists in American that will tackle the race issue in a sane and professional manner.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Welcome to Masai!  You can now spend your vacation at Bush adventures, a small camp in Kenya run by a Masai elder and his white girlfriend ( How is that for black pride and black power?) You can be trained as a Masai warrior  or watch tribal dances. Amenities include using a pit in the ground as a toilet and buckets of water as a shower. But the meals are Italian made by his white girlfriend  along with an espresso every morning. (If this does not demonstrate liberal insanity on the part of whites I don't know what does. And European whites are flocking there in record numbers wanting to see native cultures but yet still enjoy the benefits of at least some of the creature comforts the Western world can offer) One can also learn to make a fire using nothing but elephant dug and toothbrushes out of tree branches.


                                                                January 19, 1807!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


One of the powers of the media is to chose which stories receive publicity and which stories are relegated to the dist bin of history. The two main stores in circulation  now is whether a newly elected Republican might have spoken at a David Duke event 12 years ago. If so, that is the ultimate heresy and cannot be tolerated, at least according to liberals, the same liberals who have no problem with Al Sharpton being Obama's "go to man" when dealing with matters of race. Yes, the same Al Sharpton involved in the fraudulent case whereby he championed one Tiwana Brawley who was said to have been gang raped by an assortment of white racists. Liberals also do not have a problem with Obama attending a black power church for decades. But God forbid that evil David Duke surface once again. He is the perennial serpent in their egalitarian Eden. The man they all love to hate with the same passionate intensity with which they love Obama

The second major story is the attack upon  liberal journalists in France by Islamic terrorists who are offended by unflattering cartoon portrayals of Muhammad.  Before we all shed tears  let me point out  this is the same liberal newspaper that has demanded the banning of the Front National, and all other anti-immigrant parties in  France. They are an atheist newspaper as rabidly anti-Christian even more so than anti-Islam. Besides, if France had control of its immigration policies none of this would be happening, now would it? This is living proof that the racially diverse society that white liberals and Jews (What is termed the Judeo-Liberal coalition) advocate will backfire and end up biting them in the ass like it just did in France. Je Suis Charlie? Non! Je Suis La Pen! Je Suis Front National!

An ever greater story is that of financier Jeffery Epstein and his friendship with Bill Clinton. Epstein was recently convicted of trafficking under aged females for sexual liaisons with the rich and powerful. It is known that he owed a Caribbean retreat , stocked full of young under aged white gentile females, and  Bill Clinton was known to be a frequent associate with Epstein to the extent Epstein even flew him down on his own private jet to his Caribbean pleasure house. Of course, if one wants an comprehensive expose on the role of organized Jewry in human trafficking, especially as regards white slavery, one can do no better than reading David Duke's My Awakening. It has a massive section on that topic  with tons of footnotes from both historical and contemporary sources, including the Russian mafia (who are not ethic Russians but Russian Jews) and its role in bringing prostitutes into Israel and then their distribution to the rest on the world. Epstein, of course, not exactly being a Gentile name. No wonder gangster Meyer Lansky sought refuge from prosecution in Israel. Now to worry, however. Maybe Niger Innis can save us!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015













Monday, January 12, 2015

Laser Weapon System (LaWS) demonstration aboard USS Ponce

I am reminded of the novels of Harold Covington whereby an independent White Republic has been founded by the union of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. A war ensues between them and the United States, which is not going to let any state opt out of officially mandated diversity. The Northwest Republic, as it is called, wins its independence. One secret of their victory was their "Blue Light Technology", in other words energy beams mounted on ships, tanks, and rail cars, which blew the Yankee aircraft out of the sky.. I see now the beginnings of Blue Light technology in the United States.