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Monday, January 26, 2015


We all remember the little blond girl in elementary school who stood up and proclaimed that her grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. I remember one of my college professors proclaiming that race didn't exist, that we were all racially mixed, and hence no pure races were left on planet Earth. He then had every student stand up one by one and declare their ancestry. Almost to a man , except for yours truly, every white person claimed to have Indian ancestry. There you see, the professor said, we are all mixed, there are no pure races left, and all that Nazi rubbish to the contrary is garbage!

I also recall a female of my acquaintance who had fiery red hair, pale skin, and bright green eyes. Do not let this white skin fool you, she warned me, as she ran her fingers lightly up and down her arms, as I am full blooded Native-American! It really got ridiculous when she started dressing like a Hollywood version of a Indian process with poncho and moccasins, Navajo jewelry, and soft leather pants. All she lacked was some feathers in her hair! Maybe she should have died her hair jet black and went to the tanning booth to more resemble her new found ancestry.

Now comes along a study, a genetic survey, by a company called 23andme (That is how it is written with all the words ran together) The results may shock you. As Thomas Jefferson said; Let the facts be submitted to a candid world!

White Americans                      
 98.6 % European
0.19% African
0. 18 % Native-American
Did you catch that? For all the bragging about Native-American ancestry the African percentage is higher, yet I have yet to hear any white person stand up and say my grandmother was a full blooded slave or a Zulu princesses.

I should also add additional studies have found that fully 95 % of white Americans have no Negro or Native American ancestry and of the five % who do it is this 5% that is adding the 1.4% admixture to the average.

Now what about Hispanics? The study found a wide variation between those who come to the United States and those who remain in Mexico. Let us deal first with the immigrant population

Mexican Immigrants to USA
59% Native American
34% European
6% black

And of those Mexicans in Mexico
18% Native-American
65% European
6.2% African

This really is not surprising to those who have seen Univision or Mexican TV. The higher up one goes on the Mexican cultural scale the more European (white) the population appears. We are getting the most racially mixed of the Mexican people as regards immigrants.

So as regards whites so much for the mythical Indians ancestors or the fact that whites are racially mixed. Indeed we are almost a pure people and if we had a state that that employed natural eugenics we could soon be 100% pure European.

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