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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


How dare the American people prefer the movie American Sniper over Selma!  No less a person that Michael Moore has sounded off to let the world know he considers snipers cowards. Not to be outdone Seth Rothgen says he considers American Snipers as a form of Nazi propaganda. If that be the case, and that isn't the case, then what in the Hell is Selma? I know, Communist propaganda! That is not so far fetched especially as  the KGB files have been declassified in light of the fall of the Soviet Union and  numerous contacts who were part of King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference have been identified as Soviet agents. Remember the speech King gave in which he condemned American action in Vietnam and identified with the Vietcong? It is now revealed that the KGB wanted King to incorporate support for "People's Movements" all over the world and instructed their agents to move him in that direction.

Even JFK warned King that a lot of his top men were Communist agents. So who is the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr?

A man born as Michael King, not Martin Luther King.

A man whom Stanford University determined after an extensive investigation that he did indeed plagiarize the majority of his doctoral thesis and in many cases lifted it directly from other sources without even attempting to change a word!

A man who attended  a Communist training school in Tennessee known as Folklander.

A man who cohabited with prostitutes, both black and white, and often beat them severely.

A man who proclaimed while servicing said prostitutes that he  was "Fuc*ing for God!"

A man who was with two prostitutes in the Lorraine Hotel the night before he was killed.

A man whom J. Edgar Hoover called the most notorious liar in America.

A man who the FBI thought was such a security risk they wiretapped him for years and so shocking were the revelations that the King family had a federal judge seal the record until 2027!

A man whose trademark  "I have a Dream Speech" has now also shown to be lifted from earlier sources, which is the politically correct way of saying plagiarized.

I encourage all to go to the Political Cesspool and examine their blog. One also ought to listen to their broadcasts every week, either live or via the archives. No better radio program exists in American that will tackle the race issue in a sane and professional manner.

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