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Monday, January 26, 2015


Isn't it ironic that first major thing the Republicans did after their massive landslide was not to reverse Obama's blanket Amnesty decree, nor was it to defund Obamacare, instead it was to invite the Prime Minster of Israel to address Congress about the Iranian situation. The Republicans want a ground war in the Middle East.

They do not want illegals sent back since that would disturb their corporate sponsors and those chamber of commerce types need illegals here as a cheap labor force so they do not have to pay health care or a decent wage.

So with Democrats we get liberalism on crack which advances at full speed ahead towards white extinction and eventual minority replacement. With Republicans we decrease speed by 50 % while in the meantime they bamboozle the masses with patriotic rhetoric and ensure your sons and daughters die in some God forsaken Middle Eastern nation fighting for "American freedom" until we finally reach minority status.

I predict the Republicans will blow it and a Democrat with  will be elected President in 2016 and Republicans voted out of office in a Democrat sweep. Politics is much to serious a business to be left to politicians. That is our children's future they are sacrificing all for short term economic gain.

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