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Monday, January 26, 2015


These past few months I have been engaged in some serious soul searching. I am determined to answer the following questions:

Why do conservative groups in America keep losing time after time after time? If one were to be totally honest I cannot think of a single victory since World War II. I realize conservative politicians get elected, but what do they actually do when elected to roll back liberal gains?

Why are American racialist oriented groups so ineffective compared to their European counterparts?European nationalists can put tens of thousands of activists in the streets whereas their American counterparts have to salvage a ten state area just to get fifty activists to show up.

If there was an effective white racialist group what would it look like? What would be its ideology?

Why are American white racialists so dysfunctional both on the individual and organizational level?

What should be the proper goals and outlook of a serious political organization dedicated to our preservation?

So I spent two months reading and constructing a serious ideology.

Ultimately I devised an ideology and Worldview, I thought of every question and  objection I have ever heard people ask about race, politics, immigration, and countless other subjects, and included them in the January 2015 Archives in the FAQ section. The ideology can be found in the December 2014 archives.

The final result was a blog called The Aryana Foundation.

Now why the name Aryana? Because it is a play on the word Aryan and also on the Afrikaner settlement in South African called Orania. I also based the name Aryana Free State from one of the old Boer Republics, more specifically the Orange Free State.

Why the word Foundation? Watch the following video below and you will understand. Our mission is akin to that of the galactic scientists in the Foundation Trilogy in that we must preserve what we can so a later renaissance is possible. Every building mist have a foundation and the Aryana Foundation is supported by 12 ideological columns which will be apparent when you examine our ideology in detail.

That having been said I would maintain that New Dawn will still be active for daily comments whereas The Aryana Foundation is intended for a more in depth analysis.

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