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Thursday, January 15, 2015


One of the powers of the media is to chose which stories receive publicity and which stories are relegated to the dist bin of history. The two main stores in circulation  now is whether a newly elected Republican might have spoken at a David Duke event 12 years ago. If so, that is the ultimate heresy and cannot be tolerated, at least according to liberals, the same liberals who have no problem with Al Sharpton being Obama's "go to man" when dealing with matters of race. Yes, the same Al Sharpton involved in the fraudulent case whereby he championed one Tiwana Brawley who was said to have been gang raped by an assortment of white racists. Liberals also do not have a problem with Obama attending a black power church for decades. But God forbid that evil David Duke surface once again. He is the perennial serpent in their egalitarian Eden. The man they all love to hate with the same passionate intensity with which they love Obama

The second major story is the attack upon  liberal journalists in France by Islamic terrorists who are offended by unflattering cartoon portrayals of Muhammad.  Before we all shed tears  let me point out  this is the same liberal newspaper that has demanded the banning of the Front National, and all other anti-immigrant parties in  France. They are an atheist newspaper as rabidly anti-Christian even more so than anti-Islam. Besides, if France had control of its immigration policies none of this would be happening, now would it? This is living proof that the racially diverse society that white liberals and Jews (What is termed the Judeo-Liberal coalition) advocate will backfire and end up biting them in the ass like it just did in France. Je Suis Charlie? Non! Je Suis La Pen! Je Suis Front National!

An ever greater story is that of financier Jeffery Epstein and his friendship with Bill Clinton. Epstein was recently convicted of trafficking under aged females for sexual liaisons with the rich and powerful. It is known that he owed a Caribbean retreat , stocked full of young under aged white gentile females, and  Bill Clinton was known to be a frequent associate with Epstein to the extent Epstein even flew him down on his own private jet to his Caribbean pleasure house. Of course, if one wants an comprehensive expose on the role of organized Jewry in human trafficking, especially as regards white slavery, one can do no better than reading David Duke's My Awakening. It has a massive section on that topic  with tons of footnotes from both historical and contemporary sources, including the Russian mafia (who are not ethic Russians but Russian Jews) and its role in bringing prostitutes into Israel and then their distribution to the rest on the world. Epstein, of course, not exactly being a Gentile name. No wonder gangster Meyer Lansky sought refuge from prosecution in Israel. Now to worry, however. Maybe Niger Innis can save us!

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