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Friday, February 13, 2015


I was shocked to learn that an all white little league team out of Northern Virginia was recently stripped of its title after allegations of cheating became verified. It appears that Robert E. Lee-South violated little league rules by recruiting fellow white players from all over the South, instead of its own district as the rules mandate.

It appears the Robert E. Lee- South, redrew the boundaries of its district before the 2014 season without receiving permission from representatives from other districts in Virginia which allowed Robert E. Lee-South to recruit players from the suburbs and other districts in Virginia, thus giving them an unfair competitive advantage, especially against many of the poor, underprivileged minority black teams  which they defeated in order to win the world little league series.

WAIT! I AM SORRY! I'VE BEEN INFORMED I'VE MADE A TRAGIC MISTAKE! The team was not from Virginia, it was from Illinois, also the home state of Hillary Clinton and one Barrack Obama. I also found out the team was not all white, it was all black! To make matters worse it was not named Robert E. Lee -South but instead  was Jackie Robinson-West. They have had their title stripped from them, despite meeting with Barrack Obama in the White House igniting furious accusations of white racism from the mayor of Chicago, former Obama staffer, Israeli citizen, and Mossad agent, Rahm Emanuel. Apparently it is considered the height of white racism to strip an all black team of its title, even if cheating can be verified, because said team is named after Jackie Robinson. I do not know which is more sickening than the press conference in which white liberals, one of them a Catholic priest in clerical collar, defended their wrong doing and blamed white racism, not black malfeasance, for their plight.

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