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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I know how that goes. I was subjected to that conversation in a college Race & Ethnic Relations class. Non-whites, my black female instructor explained, cannot be guilty of racism in any way because racism is caused by being in control of the power structure and blacks are not in control. Therefore what whites misconstrue as black racism is actually well justified reactions to actual white racism and oppression. I call this the white devil theory whereby whites can do no right even as people of color can do no wrong. This is what the left means when it wants to have a dialogue on race. It means whites will sit down and shut the f*ck up while Jews, white liberals, and non-whites will scream abuse at them and blame them for all the ills in society. Been there, heard that!

Since the owner of Starbucks is Jewish can we have a discussion on how Jews treat Palestinians in Israel instead?. If  you go to Starbucks and they hand you a cup with the words RACE TOGETHER on it and want you to comment on simply write # PANTS UP! DON'T LOOT!

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