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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


So asks Mathew Yglesias of the In support of his contention he points out that if both sides (Democrats and Republicans) continue to play constitutional hardball and the president continues to use executive orders (as he did in granting blanket amnesty to tens of millions of Mexican immigrants) and Congress interferes with the president's foreign policy(By writing angry letters to nations Obama  is trying to sign treaties with warning said nations that Congress may not approve any treaty agreed to) it creates a system that can quickly disintegrate and possibly even turn violent.

Of course, white racial activists have warned for decades that America is unstable, unsustainable , irreparable, and non-viable. It will go the way of the Soviet Union and collapse but unlike the Soviet Union our collapse will be much worse. As Americans we have known no other identity than the United States, whereas before the Soviet Union there was Russia and after the Soviet Union they had Russia to fall back on and sustain them in a new political identity. We do not have that in America so we (Meaning white Americans) must create a new identity from scratch and therein is the rub. True nations are organic and cannot be created fully grown out of the brow of Zeus as was the case with Athena. What doomed the Soviet Union was that it was an artificial construct. America has turned into an artificial construct but was not always so. So called liberal democracy is merely the facade behind which Plutocracy rules as it endeavors to create a global plantation (what they call the Global Village)  and then impose it on the world. But now even the lemmings are beginning to hear the edifice cracking.

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