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Friday, April 10, 2015


It appears the Jefferson concept has taken off once more. For those who do not know the proposal is for a new state to be formed out of Northern California and Southern Oregon in much the same way as West Virginia was allowed to secede from Virginia during the Civil War (Although the same Lincoln who allowed West Virginia to secede from Virginia is the same president who used force and violence to keep Southern states from seceding from the United States)

Now we know a lot of this is race based but you will find no mention of race and demography on their website despite the fact that Southern California is mostly urban, liberal, and Hispanic and Northern California is white, conservative, and rural. Check it out yourself. Here is the website;

Is it not curious that Thomas Jefferson envisioned a Pacific Republic  that would be a free nation allied with the United States and a major trade partner because he thought a nation stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific would too unwieldy and diverse to be governed effectively and hence would be a threat to freedom. And remember in Jefferson's day diversity meant different occupations and social status among whites and did not mean multiracial diversity! Add multiracial diversity to the mix and it does indeed become ungovernable!

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