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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


It seems as if the entire white Western world wants to follow the America way and become an integrated society. Take Ireland for example.  It is now faced with a sudden influx of immigrants but unlike the American model it is the Irish people, not the government, who is insisting on integrating them into every facet of Irish life. Did I mention the majority of these immigrants are non-white? The world looks  at the America model and sees a diverse society and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion that it is this diverse society that is the secret of America's success. In reality they are the result of America's success, and not its cause, as what your are truly seeing is a dying nation being fed upon by maggots. So don't make the mistake that the maggot infestation is what made the animal so vibrant. Nay, it is emblematic of its death! The American way of life taken to its logical conclusion ends in white extinction!

It appears the Irish government has refused to spend any more money promoting integration since the 2008 financial crash.(As opposed to the American government that has opened the floodgates and granted blanket Amnesty via an illegal executive fiat) As a result the Irish people have taken up the task of teaching these people English and integrating them into society. I've always said I could cure the Catholic-Protestant divide that effects Northern  and Southern Ireland. Just build a few section eight housing projects all over Ireland, fill it with African-American ghetto style immigrants, and in a few decades watch Irish Catholics and Northern Irish Protestants unite and realize what divided them is petty in the face of the impending global extinction of the white race.

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