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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Here are a few more pictures of the flag of Earth and its Swedish creator.

I guess this is where the globalist cabal can sit and determine the destiny of humankind.

                      And here is our brave Sub-Saharan African female landing on Mars.

                              And here is the creator of said flag, one Oskar Pernefeldt


Just when you thought liberalism cannot get any more psychotic along comes a designer in Sweden that introduces a flag for the day when all earth is united as one in a world state.

And here is one with an astronaut with the flag on the sleeve.

And in keeping with the globalist goal of one unitary Monoethnicity here is the astronaut without her helmet.

Because we all know Nigeria and the Central African Republic, not to mention Uganda, lead the world in space sciences and exploration! Question; why are all internationalists flags blue like NATO and the United Nations and the European Union?

Monday, May 25, 2015

White genocide (short)

Awesome! Short, sweet and to the point! Spread it far and wide!

Friday, May 22, 2015


Will this hysteria never end? Now none other than Harvey Weinstein, would famous movie studio mogul, has been accused of groping  a former Miss Italy, one Ambra Battilana. Battilana  has the gall to claim that Weinstein  touched her breasts and asked if they were real and then attempted to put his hand up her skirt! Have you ever heard anything more anti-Semitic in your life? As if Jewish movie moguls pray on young white gentile girls on a daily basis in hopes they will trade sex for a movie part! The horror, the very idea! Surely this is the basest form of Antisemitism imaginable and ranks right up there with the Holocaust. Its just that I can't get the world Shistka out of my mind for some reason!!

However, on second though Miss Italy looks anything but Italian and is just another indication of the sickness that confronts Western man, and possibly even East Asia, now that Miss Japan is  half black. What is undeniable is the ethnicity of Weinstein!


Unfortunately Michael Jackson cannot come forth because he is dead. It appears he paid hush money for up to 20 victims before his death.  Two of the alleged victims, Wade Robson & James Safechuck, are seeking 10.5 million in damages against his estate. Safechuck claims that Jackson molested him from the age of none even  making him take part in a secret weeding ceremony to seal their undying love. Safechuck is white by the way, Jackson is not, but I have no info on the racial status of Robson.

Even more damaging is that Jackson wrote a 1 million dollar check to Safechucks' father before he died. Robson claims he was abused from the age of 7. I'm willing to bet Jackson's choice of victims was young white boys.

Monday, May 18, 2015


This was an actual billboard that appeared in Minnesota!
Remaining true to their Cultural Marxist ideology!

Friday, May 15, 2015


San Francisco has the highest concentration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people in the nation with 6.2 % of the people  considering themselves as one of the four categories listed above. Portland, Oregon comes in second with  5.4% and Austin, Texas is third with 5.3%. Salt Lake City, Utah is seventh at 4.7 % and New York is 4.% Is it not strange that Gays claim to be 10% of the total population and yet in the Gay friendly cities mentioned above the percentage has yet to reach ten percent? Would we not expect it to be much higher than ten percent as people flee to these areas to avoid "Homophobia" and Hetro-persecution from breeders (As the gay community refers to heterosexuals)


Jewish Neo-Conservatives have a name for people who support their endless wars to make the world safe for Zionism, they call them the "sane people" meaning, of course, those who do not support the Neo-Conservatives are obviously insane. This is the same technique Stalin used whereby Soviet dissidents were considered insane and confined to asylums where they were then pumped up with drugs that certainly did make them insane. Now what were those called who supported Stalin and the objectives of Communism in the Soviet Union? Progressives! The same term liberals now refer to themselves as. So we are now being ripped apart by both the lunatic left and the psychotic Neo-Conservative right.

Currently in their never ending quest to make the world safe for Israel they want to attack Iran. Now what exactly would be the scenario in a war on Iran? 

1. It would require an extensive bombing operation over several days far more intensive and  superior to what took place in Desert Storm.

2. It would disrupt the world's oil prices and gasoline prices would reach catastrophic levels.

3. Terrorist attacks on Americans both at home and abroad would increase exponentially

4. It would require a Vietnam style ground war against a nation of 80 million that could drag on for years

5. It would explode the deficient in ways almost certain to cause an economic collapse somewhere on down the line

6. It would be a financial  bonanza for Russia to supply them with arms and weapons and could quite possibly be the spark that ignites World War III perhaps even a nuclear response if Iran does indeed have the bomb

Does that sound like "sanity" to you? Thus, do I now term Neo-Conservatives the insane people. Remember Iran is not the only nation that want to go to war with. They also want regime change in Syria and a ground war in Ukraine over Russia.


No, not because of the Holocaust or an upsurge in Neo-Nazism but because of a hot plate. Seven orthodox Jewish children were killed in an apartment fire caused by a hot plate.  The hot plate being used to keep food warm during the Sabbath caught fire. Being that the fire happened on the Sabbath and orthodox Jews are not allowed to turn on stoves or ovens during the Sabbath the plate was kept on and could not be turned off least the Sabbath be violated.

Least we think religious idiocy is limited to Jews I am reminded of the fact that Church of Christ churches are not allowed to have music in their churches as these modern instruments did not exist during the time of Christ and are hence not biblical. And yet they drive to church in vehicles that did not exist in Biblical times either. Or the Jehovah Witness religion who believe only 144,000 people are going to go to Heaven and yet their religion has members way in access of 144,000.


Michelle Wilkins was  seven months pregnant when she meet Dynel Lane through a Craigslist ad Lane had placed allegedly to sale baby clothes. When Wilkins showed up Lane stabbed her in the stomach and cut out her baby. It appears Lane had lied to her parents for months telling them she was expecting.  Lane then took the deceased child to the hospital claiming to have suffered a miscarriage.  She was arrested on multiple charges, including attempted first degree murder, when doctors realized that the baby probably wasn't hers. You see, Lane is racially mixed whereas Wilkins was a Caucasian and as a rule racially mixed people do not give birth to wholly Caucasian infants. (So much for race being a social contract) Wilkins did survive but her parents say she is terrified and I would imagine scarred for life.


Just when you think America cannot get anymore insane along comes California attorney Matt Mclaughlin's Sodomite Suppression Act. One must remember that in California  one can pay 200 dollars and have a proposal  submitted to the state, after which it will need to get 35,000 signatures before it can appear on the ballot. The state may not decide what is, and what is not, a valid proposal. McLaughlin's proposal calls for Gays to be executed by bullets to the head. Of course, liberals are having a fit and want the whole initiative process outlawed (They never did believe in democracy in the first place) or have the fee raised from 200  so that the average person would not be able to afford it, thus maintaining the privileged position of Plutocrats who reign behind the scenes in any so called Democracy.

I  initially considered this a red herring whereby a liberal was trying to make the whole initiative process look ridiculous so that the state would do away with it entirely but upon research I can only assume that McLaughlin is a fanatical Judeo-Christian. Liberals really don't want democracy or citizens input. That might endanger their system because the people are not going to vote for endless wars to advance globalism or amnesty to flood America with non-whites, or endless welfare and food stamps or just about any program liberals like. After all, if racial integration had been put to a vote it would have lost hands down!

Sunday, May 3, 2015


It is the little things in life that are creating the angst and alienation among our people that will spur revolutionary discontent. Consider the following real life scenarios;

What would it be like to be a white lawyer who services a majority black clientele?

What about a white male in a majority black prison?

Or one of the few whites that were in the Super dome during hurricane Katrina?

Or a white teacher in a majority black school?

Or a white fireman who has to watch his fire department be destroyed thanks to government mandated diversity.

Or a high rise construction worker who life is endangered daily by government mandates on hiring unqualified people.

Or a white liberal female social worker whose day to day activities are a living hell that slowly transforms her so that she becomes racially consciousness.

Wonder no more. American Renaissance has complied some of its best first hand accounts from regular  white middle class and working people in the book FACE TO FACE WITH RACE.
You will not be able to read this without realizing that for many white people life in officially mandated diversity is a living hell. It makes you wonder if the U.S. is not living on borrowed times.


Both of these signs  speak of genocide although they can't both be true. But whereas one is mentioned on a daily basis by the powers that be so much so that it is even considered the height of social activism and concern to voice such worries, concern about the other is denied and ridiculed  on a daily basis by the powers that be even as they secretly work day and night to make it a reality. Can you guess which is more legitimate in its claims? (Hint: it is hard to claim genocide when you have birthrate is exploding exponentially)