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Friday, May 15, 2015


Just when you think America cannot get anymore insane along comes California attorney Matt Mclaughlin's Sodomite Suppression Act. One must remember that in California  one can pay 200 dollars and have a proposal  submitted to the state, after which it will need to get 35,000 signatures before it can appear on the ballot. The state may not decide what is, and what is not, a valid proposal. McLaughlin's proposal calls for Gays to be executed by bullets to the head. Of course, liberals are having a fit and want the whole initiative process outlawed (They never did believe in democracy in the first place) or have the fee raised from 200  so that the average person would not be able to afford it, thus maintaining the privileged position of Plutocrats who reign behind the scenes in any so called Democracy.

I  initially considered this a red herring whereby a liberal was trying to make the whole initiative process look ridiculous so that the state would do away with it entirely but upon research I can only assume that McLaughlin is a fanatical Judeo-Christian. Liberals really don't want democracy or citizens input. That might endanger their system because the people are not going to vote for endless wars to advance globalism or amnesty to flood America with non-whites, or endless welfare and food stamps or just about any program liberals like. After all, if racial integration had been put to a vote it would have lost hands down!

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