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Friday, May 22, 2015


Will this hysteria never end? Now none other than Harvey Weinstein, would famous movie studio mogul, has been accused of groping  a former Miss Italy, one Ambra Battilana. Battilana  has the gall to claim that Weinstein  touched her breasts and asked if they were real and then attempted to put his hand up her skirt! Have you ever heard anything more anti-Semitic in your life? As if Jewish movie moguls pray on young white gentile girls on a daily basis in hopes they will trade sex for a movie part! The horror, the very idea! Surely this is the basest form of Antisemitism imaginable and ranks right up there with the Holocaust. Its just that I can't get the world Shistka out of my mind for some reason!!

However, on second though Miss Italy looks anything but Italian and is just another indication of the sickness that confronts Western man, and possibly even East Asia, now that Miss Japan is  half black. What is undeniable is the ethnicity of Weinstein!

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