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Sunday, May 3, 2015


It is the little things in life that are creating the angst and alienation among our people that will spur revolutionary discontent. Consider the following real life scenarios;

What would it be like to be a white lawyer who services a majority black clientele?

What about a white male in a majority black prison?

Or one of the few whites that were in the Super dome during hurricane Katrina?

Or a white teacher in a majority black school?

Or a white fireman who has to watch his fire department be destroyed thanks to government mandated diversity.

Or a high rise construction worker who life is endangered daily by government mandates on hiring unqualified people.

Or a white liberal female social worker whose day to day activities are a living hell that slowly transforms her so that she becomes racially consciousness.

Wonder no more. American Renaissance has complied some of its best first hand accounts from regular  white middle class and working people in the book FACE TO FACE WITH RACE.
You will not be able to read this without realizing that for many white people life in officially mandated diversity is a living hell. It makes you wonder if the U.S. is not living on borrowed times.

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