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Friday, May 15, 2015


Jewish Neo-Conservatives have a name for people who support their endless wars to make the world safe for Zionism, they call them the "sane people" meaning, of course, those who do not support the Neo-Conservatives are obviously insane. This is the same technique Stalin used whereby Soviet dissidents were considered insane and confined to asylums where they were then pumped up with drugs that certainly did make them insane. Now what were those called who supported Stalin and the objectives of Communism in the Soviet Union? Progressives! The same term liberals now refer to themselves as. So we are now being ripped apart by both the lunatic left and the psychotic Neo-Conservative right.

Currently in their never ending quest to make the world safe for Israel they want to attack Iran. Now what exactly would be the scenario in a war on Iran? 

1. It would require an extensive bombing operation over several days far more intensive and  superior to what took place in Desert Storm.

2. It would disrupt the world's oil prices and gasoline prices would reach catastrophic levels.

3. Terrorist attacks on Americans both at home and abroad would increase exponentially

4. It would require a Vietnam style ground war against a nation of 80 million that could drag on for years

5. It would explode the deficient in ways almost certain to cause an economic collapse somewhere on down the line

6. It would be a financial  bonanza for Russia to supply them with arms and weapons and could quite possibly be the spark that ignites World War III perhaps even a nuclear response if Iran does indeed have the bomb

Does that sound like "sanity" to you? Thus, do I now term Neo-Conservatives the insane people. Remember Iran is not the only nation that want to go to war with. They also want regime change in Syria and a ground war in Ukraine over Russia.

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