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Friday, June 19, 2015


I found the following political gems in Glad Whitney's book entitled; Race, Genetics &Society: On the Scientific and Social Policy Implications of Racial Differences.

"A recent report from the United States Department of Agriculture reports that black children experience their growth spurt two to five years earlier than white children.  By age 7 for boys and 6 for girls, blacks have accelerated  muscle and bone development.  They soon grow taller and heavier and mature sexually about three years earlier than whites... ( Now anybody who has ever attended an integrated public school with a heavy black concentration has noticed this fact. I noticed it even when I was in elementary school!)
(, 1996) Page 24

In a dissertation completed at the University of Minnesota , L. Fisher (1991) related patterns of family functioning to MMPI characteristics of both the trans-racially adopted and the biological offspring. She noted generally that the white '" Biological children  showed significantly more psychopathology than the tranracial adoptees." (Note MMPI is a test that measures for psychological pathology and deviance)

Now that having been said let us consider Rachael Dolezal in that regard. You may recall she was the white female masquerading as a black female while head of the NAACP in Spokane,Washington, Her family adopted black children and hence she was raised with trans-racial adoptees. She is also married to a black man which makes one wonder if that was influenced by her being raised in a multiracial family. Now we know! I can only wonder what effect homosexual adoption will have on children that will later manifest in adulthood?

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