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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Because of China's one child per family policy an impeding crisis will soon dawn. By 2020 Chinese males will be outnumbered by Chinese females by at least 30 million. Usually when a population has more males that females it means that many males will never have a partner or family. That causes a psychological disequilibrium on the part of the single males and the result is anger, alienation, and angst. The Muslim world has that problem now which is why so many angry males fill the coffers of Al Qaeda and ISIS. Look for expanded Chinese military aggression as a result, circa 2020. You heard it here first!


Baltimore is still one of the most violent cities in America. Indeed the crime rate has exploded since the gentile giant was shoot by a evil, vicious, and malevolent white police officer who was so bored he decided to just shoot a black man for sport just for the hell of it even through he had his hands up and was meekly surrendering! That, of course, is bunk but that is the Cultural Marxist narrative that the media tried to spend, and thus have they earned the title of being called the Lunatic Left! A lunatic cabal that is malevolent in this case much like a rabid dog and needs to be put down!

Indeed over the Memorial Day weekend there were over 32 shootings! Are cops really that bad to shoot 32 innocent blacks? You seriously do not believe these were white on black shootings do you? Of course not. That is why the media left out all racial identification markers. They are black on black! So where are the police?  They have backed off least the use of force may cause a riot and thus they might risk being accused of racism. This is how nations die! Any nation afraid to confront violent criminal elements has given up the struggle to lawless forces and is heading for disintegration and extinction. Doubt it not! You will live long enough to see it!


China is rife with rumors that chickens used by KFC have been genetically modified, in many cases with eight legs or six wings each! The rumor is all over Chinese social media and most Chinese seem to believe it. KFC has had to file suit against three business competitors who were instrumental in allegedly helping spread this rumor. That reminds me of a urban legend that was once quite prevalent and wildly believed in the black community to the effect that KFC was injecting drugs into its chickens that had been specially designed to target only black males and cause them to become sterile. I kid you not! It must not be working because when we compare white birthrates to black birthrates blacks are clearly winning the reproduction battle.


 More than 30 people were ordered to leave a Michigan motel when an argument over the use a waffle iron turned violent during a breakfast gathering. Police had to be summoned and eventually involved 2/3 of the entire department. Notice that no mention is made of the town or the ethnicity involved. Is that an inadvertent slip on the part of the media or a deliberate effort to withhold information? What do you think? Need we even ask?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A list of Bill Cosby's ("alleged") victims

It is hard to believe all these are lying and as I suspected most of them are white.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Police Boss at Centre of British Child Sex Scandal Quits

This is how nations die! When you're so afraid of being called racist that you allow over 1400 underage white girls to be abused over a ten year period by non-white Pakistani Muslims that never should have been allowed in the UK in the first place! You fought Nazi Germany to a standstill in the battle of Britain. Was it all for naught just so you could turn it all over to non-whites? The same, of course, could be said for America. Did we die at D-Day just so we could turn our nation over to Obama and  America's soon to be Afro-Latino majority?

Sex ring convictions in U.K.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

15-0716 Kansas City KS - We're Not America Any More

We need to make this type of white person politically extinct. He revels in the destruction and extinction of his fellow kinsmen. A Methodist preacher that glorifies the LBGT community and brags that his public school speaks over 62 languages and that whites are no longer a majority in Kansas City, Kansas. I'm willing to bet he does not live in the diverse environment he proscribes for others!

German politician Gregor Gysi calls native Germans "Nazis" and their ext...

German liberal advocates the death of white Europeans and looks forward to a non-white Europe (Europe to Eurabia!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

White Genocide in motion

Sweden Muslim Rape Epidemic

Welcome to Sweden of Today.

Goodbye Sweden


While New Dawn has  been a fierce critic of the Lunatic Left in American politics we refuse to give the right wing a blank check and grant them immunity from criticism. While liberalism is indeed a political psychosis the right wing is so ignorant,naive, and myopic as to earn the label of political retardation.

The current Republican parade of candidates resembles nothing so much as a carnival of the insane, a political game of musical chairs played out on a national stage which would be better confined to an mental heath facility. Republicans are as useless as tits on a boar hog! In the recent Congressional elections they campaigned on a platform to dismantle Obama care and smash Amnesty.They now have a majority in both House and Senate so when can we expect Obama care to be dismantled and Amnesty squashed? The answer is never! Since being elected they have relegated those issues to the back burner to be ignored and eventually forgotten. Instead it all about confronting Russia over the Ukraine, putting boots on the ground back in Iraq, and instigating a war with both Iran and Syria. (That's  4 wars going simultaneously for those who are counting) That is insane! Even more so when we realize that we are operating on deficient spending, have no more industrial base, an infrastructure that is crumbling, while tens of millions of illegal aliens swarm over our southern border. Instead we are more concerned with Russians who may be in the Ukraine than actual illegals aliens who are already in America.

Bill Kristol, one of the leaders of the Neo-Conservatives who want endless wars for non-existent peace all to advance globalism and and crush all enemies of Zionism in the Middle East called all who support these endeavors the "sane people" meaning, of course, that those who oppose Neo-Conservative objectives are obviously not mentally sane! They seriously expected Iraq to become a stable democracy on the Anglo-Saxon model once we finished with Desert Storm and the search for the mythical weapons of mass destruction which has proven more illusive then the Dodo or the legendary Phoenix!

They fail to recognize that limited government and individual rights are not equally applicable to all peoples, nor did they spring from the brow of Zeus fully born as if by magic much like Athena. These concepts are Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) concepts! From the mist shrouded forests of Germania and their tribal assemblies, to the Icelandic Althing, to the Swiss Confederation, to the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights, to the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation, to the Confederate and United States Constitution, our race has had a long tradition of limited government and individual rights that other races do not share. This is a concept that has deep cultural roots, a product of a unique historical development,perhaps even innate and genetic, that is not equally applicable to all peoples,places,  and time. To believe it is  is the height of political retardation! And thus does New Dawn refer to them as the Retarded Right!


I can't make this stuff up folks!


Brought to you by the good and loving people of the Frankfurt Institute! Now what was that you said about America winning the Cold War? It might have won it militarily but it lost it socially and politically! It is possible to win a war and lose the peace that follows which in the end negates all military victories achieved. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the essence of real politics!


No, not by deporting them like hateful and racist Australia did! Instead they spread them out into other EU nations, except for Ireland. Denmark, and the UK who can opt out according to EU rules on based on population size, wealth levels, and unemployment rates. Problem solved!  Of course, the problem is not solved and only an insane person would think such a solution would not encourage others to come. Liberals, as we have mentioned before, is a political psychosis whose end result, if left unchecked, is racial  extinction and the turning of Europe in Eurabia!

Please don't be so naive as to think that cannot happen to us. Even as we speak Obama and his fellow liberals are hatching plans to install section 8 housing all through out areas of the United States that still remain majority white and conservative. No one will be able to escape the blessings of forced racial diversity and it will have the effect of breaking up all those pesky red state homogeneous regions that could become a breeding ground for some type of revolutionary white separatist based resistance to the good ole U.S. of A's plan to marginalize, dispossess, and then bring about their total extinction as a people.


No nation in the EU has been more welcoming of Arab and African immigrants that Sweden. That may be why Stockholm now leads the EU in the number of interracial rapes.One would think this would be conducive to the dawning of a political and racial consciousness but in reality such is not the case.  Liberalism is, after all, a mental psychosis.  Now a gay friendly Swedish group has installed an underwater neon sign off the coast of Stockholm featuring a sailor dancing and gyrating in nothing but his underwear with an erection plainly visible. What is the rationale for having such a sign, you ask?  If appears the people of Sweden (or at least the lunatic left faction) are offended by Russian President Putin's disdain and opposition to Gay marriage. They hope such a sign will be visible to Russian subs who are known to prowl the waters off the coast of Sweden. In case they are too dense to understand the message under the dancer are the words; "Welcome To Sweden, Gay since 1944! But submarines, of course, navigate by sonar and not by visual clues. Not to worry! The sign also contains a sonar that sends out in Morse code the message: "This way if you're Gay!"

I can't make this stuff up folks. Every day I wake up in a world that is increasingly more insane. It is not hard now to find writing topics. Indeed, things are happening so fast I could write 24/7 and still not adequately cover the insanity that now infects  the White, Western world! A collective insanity, a media borne pathogen, has descended upon our people and one cannot reason with crazy people, all you can do is quarantine them from society so they do not hurt others as they live out their delusions! But in the case of the West we have elevated those into positions of power and prominence. How well did Ezra Pound peg society when he said all America was becoming one vast insane asylum! I wonder if this was in opposition to the new straight flag Putin created to show the West what a family actually is?


I give you Dominique Sharpton, daughter of racial rebel rouser Al Sharpton, personal friend of one Barrack Hussein Obama, who has been invited to the White House numerous times. Like Obama he is a community organizer (read agitator) who has made anti-white racism into a very profitable living. It appears that Sharpton's daughter is following in her father's footsteps as she has sued the city of New York for five million dollars over a sprained ankle which she blames on the city's defective pavement. Unfortunately for her, but very fortunate for New York City taxpayers, a video  has surfaced of her climbing an Indonesian mountain in spite of her claims to be permanently disabled. In there any family more worthless than this? I don't know who it would be unless it be the Kardashians.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


I recently stayed in a major hotel in an area known for its air force base. As I was checking in two people in line were before me. One was a young air force captain in uniform, the other was a veteran from World War II who also served in the air force (or at that time the Army Air Corps) Here is how the conversation went.

Vet- Hey, I see you are in the air force. I served in the air force in World War II.

Capt. thank you for your service!

Vet. No, thank you!  You know If it wasn't for people like me we would all be speaking German now!

Me- Instead we all get the speak Spanish!

(Shocked looks on their face as smiles  disappear and sudden realization dawned. I had to do this because the chief manager of the hotel is a nice German lady whom I have talked to many times. She even has relatives on her mothers side that shares the same last name as me. I am pleased to say a slight smirk broke out on her face when I rendered them both speechless!


Apparently the University of Montana (Located in Missoula) has become known as the rape capital of America due to the 70,000 sexual assaults, at least according to a book by author Jon Krakauer ( Missoula ;Rape and the Justice System in a College Town)

Oh, by the way most of the alleged rapes and sexual assaults are by the football team. Since Missoula, Montana is a very white area one can't help but wonder if the football teams also reflects the same racial homogeneity. I suspect not but I'm sure the majority of the victims do.  Of course, there will come a day when one cannot speculate on such items in this land of the free and home of the brave without getting a thought crime citation.

Here are the demographic stats for Montana as a whole;
92.2 % white
0.5% African-American
7.4%Native American
0.8% Asian
0.1% Hawaiian
0.9 % other
2.0% Latino

And here are the stats from the University of Montana

Black 1 %
Asian 1%
Hispanic 3%
International 3%
Native-American 3%
White 78%
Unknown 8 %

And here is the football team


China has now successfully edited the genomes of human embryos.They used a gene editing tool on said embryos to modify a gene responsible for a deadly brain disorder. Of course, every time we bring up Eugenics in the U.S. the Judeo-Liberal coalition goes into overdrive and conjures up "horrific" visions of Hitlerism with seven foot tall designer super Aryan clones with blond hair and blue eyes and an IQ of 150! What a horrible vision! Better yet instead is the system's vision of a racially  mixed and dumbed down Afroeurasian  population on welfare and food stamps supported by a shrinking white middle class.


Last year 215,000 immigrants from Africa and the Middle East descended upon Europe via Italian ports. (One may want to read French author Jean Raspail's  Camp of the Saints; a fictional novel about the sudden appearance of a flotilla containing tens of millions of Hindu untouchables off the coast of Southern France. France, like the rest of Europe and the Western world, is paralyzed by liberalism and hence lacks the political fortitude to send them back. Thus Europe quickly becomes majority non-white and non-Christian. Reality now follows fiction!)

America is to blame for a lot of this!  Italy had an agreement with Qaddafi whereby the Libyan navy would apprehend the migrants and send them back thus saving guilt stricken Italians, or Europeans, from having to act in actual defense of their own people and homeland. And then  enters Uncle Sam who has his minions kill Qaddafi and all Libya becomes chaotic and a breeding ground for Islamic terrorism thank to the incompetence (Or maybe perhaps malevolence?) of the good ole U.S. of A! The result is the attack on the American embassy at Benghazi and a flood of non-whites pouring in to Italy. Perhaps Europe could learn from Australia's recent action whereby the government announced that migrants would be forbidden entry into the land down under and turned back to Indonesia or, if necessary, imprisoned in New Guinea and then shipped back to Cambodia!

Black supporter of Confederate flag ambushed and killed on the way home from rally!

Occidental Dissent has the story as well as reports of rallies all over the South attended by thousands of people that the media would rather you not know.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Ms. Michael  has  a MA in Anthropology and a PhD in Teacher Education. She is director of K-12 Consulting and Professional Development at the University of Pennsylvania. She is also the director of the Race Institute for K-12 educators. Part of her responsibilities is teaching a course entitled "Whiteness":Counselling and Educational Perspectives.

Ms. Michael is a lot like the late author Susan Sontag who once labeled the white race as the "cancer of history." Like Sontag Ms. Michael has a pathological hatred of whites even though she is white herself. Much like Rachael Dolezal she has gone through extensive efforts to purge the "whiteness" from her system including living with a black family, reading only black authors, and cutting off all her hair. Not only does she despise her own whiteness but reserves her greatest hatred and contempt for whites who exhibit any form of racial pride or identity. She ultimately has decided not to have children so as not to perpetuate her white privilege genetically!

If there is a greater example of the psychosis of liberalism and Cultural Marxist indoctrination than I don't know what it would be! The sad thing is she is in a position to indoctrinate teachers who then indoctrinate our children in self-hatred. Alas, if she were teaching  racial preservation and the dangers of multiculturalism she would have already been fired and been subject to career destruction by the denizens of the always peaceful and tolerant left.


The true enemy of America is not in Iran. Nor is it in Iraq, China, Russia, or North Korea. Look for it not in the scorching deserts of Arabia or among the psychotic tribes of Al Qaeda or Isis. The true enemy of our people can be found in Washington DC, New York City, and Hollywood,California a veritable Tri-Axis of evil!  It is there you will find the political, economic, and cultural forces that desire the extinction of our people! Why then should we worry about some treaty with Iran or whether or not they will get the bomb? The Tri-Axis has already nuked our people economically, culturally, and politically! Why then should I send my sons and daughters to fight for the peppermint empire and their star spangled sickness, in their never ending wars that do nothing but advance globalism and hasten our extinction. I would much rather fight the internal  enemy right here is the good ole USSA!

Russian National Anthem with Lyrics and Translation in Full HD


He has ordered his United Russia party to create a straight flag to remind Americans of what a real family actually looks like! Go, Putin, Go!
Hash tad translates as "A real family"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


If you are depending on the mass media for your news you may not be aware that there has been a groundswell of support, a veritable outbreak of Confederate Nationalism, all over the south with some rallies numbering in the thousands. Not every one is going quietly into that good night!

Occidental Dissent has the full story! Go here:

On a related note if you are not listening to The Political Cesspool either via internet, AM, or through the archives, you are really missing a treat.

Go here:

Click on archive at the top pf the page when you get there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sodomite Got Kicked Out The White House

Pinched Nose And Passing Negroes

Five Lesbian Demons Attack Pastor Manning

Obama: Greatest President Ever

The Young Wish To Flee America

Dylann Roof's Manifesto Released

Obama: Americans need to shift religious views

MUST SEE Political Correctness Exposed! Marxism Communism Frankfurt Scho...

Frankfurt School: Marxist Infiltration And Subversion, Culture Wars

You cannot understand the political situation in America unless you understand the Frankfurt Institute. It is the key to the seeming insanity of American politics! Once you understand what's going on the insanity makes sense as it is a deliberately concocted poison to destroy our people!

Soviet KGB defector

Communism may be dead in the Soviet Union and the U.S. can boast it won the Cold war but in reality Communism is alive and well in the hallowed halls of academia and media! It does no good to win the war if you lose the peace that follows! What we have in the U.S. is not strictly the Leninist-Marxist variety but a form of Neo-Communism called Cultural Marxism that originated with the Frankfurt Institute of Higher Social Criticism which devised a new form of Communism which is a mixture of Freudianism and Marxism. The revolution will be won through cultural infiltration,not Class Struggle( the march through the institutions) and the  hated Bourgeoisie has been replaced by "White Privilege (A Frankfurt created term)