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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


No, not by deporting them like hateful and racist Australia did! Instead they spread them out into other EU nations, except for Ireland. Denmark, and the UK who can opt out according to EU rules on based on population size, wealth levels, and unemployment rates. Problem solved!  Of course, the problem is not solved and only an insane person would think such a solution would not encourage others to come. Liberals, as we have mentioned before, is a political psychosis whose end result, if left unchecked, is racial  extinction and the turning of Europe in Eurabia!

Please don't be so naive as to think that cannot happen to us. Even as we speak Obama and his fellow liberals are hatching plans to install section 8 housing all through out areas of the United States that still remain majority white and conservative. No one will be able to escape the blessings of forced racial diversity and it will have the effect of breaking up all those pesky red state homogeneous regions that could become a breeding ground for some type of revolutionary white separatist based resistance to the good ole U.S. of A's plan to marginalize, dispossess, and then bring about their total extinction as a people.

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