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Sunday, July 19, 2015


I recently stayed in a major hotel in an area known for its air force base. As I was checking in two people in line were before me. One was a young air force captain in uniform, the other was a veteran from World War II who also served in the air force (or at that time the Army Air Corps) Here is how the conversation went.

Vet- Hey, I see you are in the air force. I served in the air force in World War II.

Capt. thank you for your service!

Vet. No, thank you!  You know If it wasn't for people like me we would all be speaking German now!

Me- Instead we all get the speak Spanish!

(Shocked looks on their face as smiles  disappear and sudden realization dawned. I had to do this because the chief manager of the hotel is a nice German lady whom I have talked to many times. She even has relatives on her mothers side that shares the same last name as me. I am pleased to say a slight smirk broke out on her face when I rendered them both speechless!

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