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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Ms. Michael  has  a MA in Anthropology and a PhD in Teacher Education. She is director of K-12 Consulting and Professional Development at the University of Pennsylvania. She is also the director of the Race Institute for K-12 educators. Part of her responsibilities is teaching a course entitled "Whiteness":Counselling and Educational Perspectives.

Ms. Michael is a lot like the late author Susan Sontag who once labeled the white race as the "cancer of history." Like Sontag Ms. Michael has a pathological hatred of whites even though she is white herself. Much like Rachael Dolezal she has gone through extensive efforts to purge the "whiteness" from her system including living with a black family, reading only black authors, and cutting off all her hair. Not only does she despise her own whiteness but reserves her greatest hatred and contempt for whites who exhibit any form of racial pride or identity. She ultimately has decided not to have children so as not to perpetuate her white privilege genetically!

If there is a greater example of the psychosis of liberalism and Cultural Marxist indoctrination than I don't know what it would be! The sad thing is she is in a position to indoctrinate teachers who then indoctrinate our children in self-hatred. Alas, if she were teaching  racial preservation and the dangers of multiculturalism she would have already been fired and been subject to career destruction by the denizens of the always peaceful and tolerant left.

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