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Sunday, July 19, 2015


Last year 215,000 immigrants from Africa and the Middle East descended upon Europe via Italian ports. (One may want to read French author Jean Raspail's  Camp of the Saints; a fictional novel about the sudden appearance of a flotilla containing tens of millions of Hindu untouchables off the coast of Southern France. France, like the rest of Europe and the Western world, is paralyzed by liberalism and hence lacks the political fortitude to send them back. Thus Europe quickly becomes majority non-white and non-Christian. Reality now follows fiction!)

America is to blame for a lot of this!  Italy had an agreement with Qaddafi whereby the Libyan navy would apprehend the migrants and send them back thus saving guilt stricken Italians, or Europeans, from having to act in actual defense of their own people and homeland. And then  enters Uncle Sam who has his minions kill Qaddafi and all Libya becomes chaotic and a breeding ground for Islamic terrorism thank to the incompetence (Or maybe perhaps malevolence?) of the good ole U.S. of A! The result is the attack on the American embassy at Benghazi and a flood of non-whites pouring in to Italy. Perhaps Europe could learn from Australia's recent action whereby the government announced that migrants would be forbidden entry into the land down under and turned back to Indonesia or, if necessary, imprisoned in New Guinea and then shipped back to Cambodia!

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