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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The true enemy of America is not in Iran. Nor is it in Iraq, China, Russia, or North Korea. Look for it not in the scorching deserts of Arabia or among the psychotic tribes of Al Qaeda or Isis. The true enemy of our people can be found in Washington DC, New York City, and Hollywood,California a veritable Tri-Axis of evil!  It is there you will find the political, economic, and cultural forces that desire the extinction of our people! Why then should we worry about some treaty with Iran or whether or not they will get the bomb? The Tri-Axis has already nuked our people economically, culturally, and politically! Why then should I send my sons and daughters to fight for the peppermint empire and their star spangled sickness, in their never ending wars that do nothing but advance globalism and hasten our extinction. I would much rather fight the internal  enemy right here is the good ole USSA!

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