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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


No nation in the EU has been more welcoming of Arab and African immigrants that Sweden. That may be why Stockholm now leads the EU in the number of interracial rapes.One would think this would be conducive to the dawning of a political and racial consciousness but in reality such is not the case.  Liberalism is, after all, a mental psychosis.  Now a gay friendly Swedish group has installed an underwater neon sign off the coast of Stockholm featuring a sailor dancing and gyrating in nothing but his underwear with an erection plainly visible. What is the rationale for having such a sign, you ask?  If appears the people of Sweden (or at least the lunatic left faction) are offended by Russian President Putin's disdain and opposition to Gay marriage. They hope such a sign will be visible to Russian subs who are known to prowl the waters off the coast of Sweden. In case they are too dense to understand the message under the dancer are the words; "Welcome To Sweden, Gay since 1944! But submarines, of course, navigate by sonar and not by visual clues. Not to worry! The sign also contains a sonar that sends out in Morse code the message: "This way if you're Gay!"

I can't make this stuff up folks. Every day I wake up in a world that is increasingly more insane. It is not hard now to find writing topics. Indeed, things are happening so fast I could write 24/7 and still not adequately cover the insanity that now infects  the White, Western world! A collective insanity, a media borne pathogen, has descended upon our people and one cannot reason with crazy people, all you can do is quarantine them from society so they do not hurt others as they live out their delusions! But in the case of the West we have elevated those into positions of power and prominence. How well did Ezra Pound peg society when he said all America was becoming one vast insane asylum! I wonder if this was in opposition to the new straight flag Putin created to show the West what a family actually is?

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