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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


While New Dawn has  been a fierce critic of the Lunatic Left in American politics we refuse to give the right wing a blank check and grant them immunity from criticism. While liberalism is indeed a political psychosis the right wing is so ignorant,naive, and myopic as to earn the label of political retardation.

The current Republican parade of candidates resembles nothing so much as a carnival of the insane, a political game of musical chairs played out on a national stage which would be better confined to an mental heath facility. Republicans are as useless as tits on a boar hog! In the recent Congressional elections they campaigned on a platform to dismantle Obama care and smash Amnesty.They now have a majority in both House and Senate so when can we expect Obama care to be dismantled and Amnesty squashed? The answer is never! Since being elected they have relegated those issues to the back burner to be ignored and eventually forgotten. Instead it all about confronting Russia over the Ukraine, putting boots on the ground back in Iraq, and instigating a war with both Iran and Syria. (That's  4 wars going simultaneously for those who are counting) That is insane! Even more so when we realize that we are operating on deficient spending, have no more industrial base, an infrastructure that is crumbling, while tens of millions of illegal aliens swarm over our southern border. Instead we are more concerned with Russians who may be in the Ukraine than actual illegals aliens who are already in America.

Bill Kristol, one of the leaders of the Neo-Conservatives who want endless wars for non-existent peace all to advance globalism and and crush all enemies of Zionism in the Middle East called all who support these endeavors the "sane people" meaning, of course, that those who oppose Neo-Conservative objectives are obviously not mentally sane! They seriously expected Iraq to become a stable democracy on the Anglo-Saxon model once we finished with Desert Storm and the search for the mythical weapons of mass destruction which has proven more illusive then the Dodo or the legendary Phoenix!

They fail to recognize that limited government and individual rights are not equally applicable to all peoples, nor did they spring from the brow of Zeus fully born as if by magic much like Athena. These concepts are Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) concepts! From the mist shrouded forests of Germania and their tribal assemblies, to the Icelandic Althing, to the Swiss Confederation, to the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights, to the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation, to the Confederate and United States Constitution, our race has had a long tradition of limited government and individual rights that other races do not share. This is a concept that has deep cultural roots, a product of a unique historical development,perhaps even innate and genetic, that is not equally applicable to all peoples,places,  and time. To believe it is  is the height of political retardation! And thus does New Dawn refer to them as the Retarded Right!

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