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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Baltimore is still one of the most violent cities in America. Indeed the crime rate has exploded since the gentile giant was shoot by a evil, vicious, and malevolent white police officer who was so bored he decided to just shoot a black man for sport just for the hell of it even through he had his hands up and was meekly surrendering! That, of course, is bunk but that is the Cultural Marxist narrative that the media tried to spend, and thus have they earned the title of being called the Lunatic Left! A lunatic cabal that is malevolent in this case much like a rabid dog and needs to be put down!

Indeed over the Memorial Day weekend there were over 32 shootings! Are cops really that bad to shoot 32 innocent blacks? You seriously do not believe these were white on black shootings do you? Of course not. That is why the media left out all racial identification markers. They are black on black! So where are the police?  They have backed off least the use of force may cause a riot and thus they might risk being accused of racism. This is how nations die! Any nation afraid to confront violent criminal elements has given up the struggle to lawless forces and is heading for disintegration and extinction. Doubt it not! You will live long enough to see it!

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