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Thursday, August 20, 2015


What exactly do we mean by suggesting America has a Judeo-African culture? It is mainly the case that all the various black empowerment movements, such as Rap, were exploited by Jews ( or sometimes even created by Jews)  and aimed at white America as another weapon in their arsenal of destruction. Consider the fact that the main consumer of Rap and Hip-Hop is not black males but suburban white males!

Enter Lyor Cohen.  At one time or another he has had a hand in advancing the careers of all the following Rap stars; LL Cool J, Run DMC, Public Enemy,Jay Z, Ludacris, and Kayne West. I am sure I need not tell you that Cohen is not exactly a Gentile name. At present he owns 300 Entertainment and is worth an estimated 75 million!

"Let me write the songs of a nation: I don't care who writes its laws."- Scottish politician Andrew Fletcher.

"Show me the music of a nation and I will tell you the heath of its people." Confucius

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