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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Insane States of America!

If you think the dominant culture of America is not a toxic one just go to your local Wal Mart and browse the toy section for its newest edition. So now that Gay marriage is the law of the land can Coprophilia be that far behind? (Coprophilia- abnormal interest in feces and bowel movements). Do you know how Talmudic and Freudian this all is? You do remember that "Anal Fixation" is one of the ways Freud said infants received sexual pleasure?  Or that the Talmud states that Christ is in hell being boiled in a pit of burning feces?

According to Freud the Anal Stage is the second stage in his theory of Psycho-sexual Development  which lasts from 18 months to three years. Freud believed that the anus is the primary erogenous zone (Do you know how Homoerotic that sounds?) and the child received sexual pleasure (At 18 months!!!!!) from controlling bladder and bowel movements! (Why is not a fixation on the alleged sexual pleasure of infants not a form of thinking that borders on child molestation?) A fixation at this stage, he claimed, could result in a rigid personality in adulthood.  Such a person is called "Anal Retentive" and how many times have you heard the Lunatic Left use that term? An "Anal Retentive" person may be conservative, Fascist, or racist! (Look it up if you doubt!) Don't forget that Cultural Marxism, brought to you by the kind people at the Frankfurt Institute is a new kind of Communism which is a synthesis of Marx and FREUD!

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