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Monday, August 17, 2015


By now you will have heard of the soccer scandal involving Chuck Blazer and his compatriot in corruption Jack Warner. Blazer's corruption was really blatant. Besides receiving bribes in 1998 and 2010 from cities hoping to host the World Cup he was also known as Mr. Ten Percent. That is the fee he demanded on returns from any media contracts he secured for regional tournaments. He has billed FICA (Which is to soccer what the NFL is to professional football in the U.S.) 24,000 a month for two apartments he kept in Trump towers, one for his office and one for his cats! He also racked up 29 million on his corporate credit card. His downfall, however, was that he did not pay his taxes. He was offered a choice by the Feds between jail or becoming a federal informant. He chose the role of snitch. He was given a key fob which contained a secret recording device and the corruption it revealed was so endemic that the Feds launched a full fledged investigation. That is how his partner, Jack Warner, was caught up in all this when it was revealed that Morocco offered Warner  1 million in order for him to use his influence so they could host the World Cup. However, Morocco was outbid by the new humane and morally superior, post-racial, South Africa.Apparently South Africa can find time to play professional soccer when it is not busy conducting genocide against white farmers.

Now both Warner  and Blazer are shouting foul! Claims of racism and anti-Antisemitism abound. So who is black and who is Jewish? Since the media did not see fit to show a picture (Once again I cant imagine why) then New Dawn  will do so.

The picture above is Jack Warner and the picture below is Chuck Blazer.

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