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Monday, August 31, 2015


Prior to 1965 the immigration policy of the United States was based on a quota system whereby each nation was restricted to a certain level with a preference for those of Northern European ancestry. Ted Kennedy changed all that via an immigration reform bill he sponsored. Contrary to what the lunatic left might tell you America is not some great egalitarian construction whereby all the races of humanity in equal endeavor built the United States. The white population can be broken down by ethnicity in people of British, German, and Irish ancestry. Until quite recently the British ethnicity was in the majority, but now it has switched to second place with those of German ancestry now in the majority. Other way of saying this is Anglo-Celtic, or Celto-Germanic. These three groups, far more than any other ethnicity built America, and it is these groups, not Mexicans or Sub-Saharan Africans, Chinese, or Indians, who should have most favored immigrant status.

Remember the next time an immigrant from Mexico bitches about how racist America is for deporting him obtain a copy of the Mexican Constitution and read their policy on immigration and citizenship!

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