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Thursday, August 13, 2015


Was it really over slavery as the mass media proclaims constantly or economics? Consider that only 25% of Southern whites owned slaves. That means 75% didn't. That also means the chances are that the bulk of those fighting for the Confederacy were not from slave holding families. If one could go back in time and ask them why they were fighting their response would certainly NOT be because they are supporting slavery or white supremacy. Instead they are likely to say because the North is on their land!

Here is what they would rather you not know: During the 1850's the idea of personal income taxes to support the Federal government would have been considered political heresy even in the North. Instead the nation was supported by excise taxes and tariffs, which was 90% of federal revenue.  For instance in the year 1859 Southern ports paid 75% of tariffs! You heard that right, 75% of the financing of the United States came from the South! The north was not about to let their cash cow go in peace!

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