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Saturday, August 22, 2015

What is a #Cuckservative?

Wow. This Syrian Nationalist girl appears more politically aware than most white American conservatives. Let us not forget Syria is one of the principal fighters against ISIS and Al Qaeda which may by why America wants to destroy them. Could it be that the elite really do want chaos and violence in the Middles East between Shiite and Sunni  in a malevolent divide and conquer fashion so that as long as they fight against themselves there will be no broad based alliance against Israel? The fighting has another benefit the Judeo-Liberal elites love- it causes massive  immigration to Europe and thus helps destroy racial cohesion among Europeans to the point if it continues Europe will become Eurabia and no chance of any white nationalist resurgence will be possible. It is the  same policy the elites adopt towards America with the massive flood of Mexicans.

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