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Monday, September 21, 2015


Michael Lind was born in Austin, Texas and even graduated from the University of Texas. However, he believes the United States would be better off without the South. He believes the South has prevented the  United States from becoming more like Australia, Europe, and Canada.He wants the United States to be a more liberal and open society, one that embraces homosexual marriage and welcomes immigrants from all over.  He believes the South to be too homophobic and racist and that it retards what America could be if only blue state liberalism did not have the albatross of the South hanging around its neck weighing it down.

If only we could have stringent gun control and laws curtailing free speech if it offends blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, or homosexuals, even if what is said is verifiable truth!  Such a person many be termed a renegade but in the vernacular of the old South the term was Scalawag.

Of course, not mentioned is the fact that liberalism is killing Europe and has sapped their resistance to withstand the migrant invasion.  Consequentially Angela Merkel of Germany in the long run will end up destroying Germany far more than Adolf Hitler or National Socialism did. You see, even if the  Greater German Reich won World War II and defeated the allied powers and tyranny descended on Europe it would not have lasted forever. If, or when, Nationalism Socialism fell Europe would still have been all white because one thing a Hitler dominated Europe would not have done is admit non-whites. But now, thanks to Liberal Democracy, when Germany falls they will be no renaissance because all Europe will be predominately Middle Eastern or African. Europe will become Eurabia thanks to the liberalism people like Lind so cherish. Just like the South will become majority  black and the Southwest majority Latino, again thinks to the blue state liberalism Lind so admires! Make no mistake about it; liberalism does to a nation what AIDS does to a body! A healthy nation would have no trouble blocking migrants from coming. However, a nation infected with liberalism is like unto a body whose immune system is so weak it cannot fight back. So enjoy your liberalism in the mistaken belief it will last forever but all it will do is weaken the foundation until it eventually collapses with  bloodshed, misery, chaos and tears.

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