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Monday, September 28, 2015


Democrats like to talk about the Republican war against women but the Republicans ought to reply to the effect that the real war is the Democratic war against whites! (Of course, they are to cowardly to do so) The United States government is complicit in causing white extinction. Whether this is a deliberate policy caused with malice of forethought on their part, or maybe the unitended consequences of their ill advised policies, the end result will still be the same-white racial extinction! You doubt? Does this sound too paranoid and alarmist to you? Then consider this following:

President Obama has instructed the Department of Housing and Urban Development to notify local zoning boards about the racial and economic disparities in their communities (With the Feds, of course, getting to decide what constitutes economic or racial disparity) and warn said communities to immediately fix said disparities, or else!

Or else what? If they do not fix alleged disparities to the government's satisfaction the Feds will use the Fair Housing Act and file a lawsuit to compel the communities in question (Which, of course, will be every majority white community in America-or at least those in Red States) to put low income, section 8, housing, in Middle Class and affluent neighborhoods (Meaning, of course, white middle class neighborhoods)

There you have it folks. This is an attempt to destroy fly over country, that huge Midwestern bloc that votes solidly Red and turn them into Democratic voting, majority non-white, liberal blue states so that the Democratic party can rule for time and all eternity.! This is a declaration of war against our peoples existence! White people need the wake the F up!  According to natural law and the rules of Jeffersonian democracy and the ideology of the Declaration of Independence we are now fully justified in forming our own nation and separating from the United States. They have now declared war on white conservative America!

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