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Thursday, January 7, 2016


He was a former Oklahoma City police officer who was recently convicted of assaulting more than a dozen African-American women  whereby he traded sex in lieu of being arrested for outstanding warrants or drug paraphernalia. This is something conservatives and white racial activists do not want to talk about but in the interests of fairness I am not going to play the role of the ostrich and stick my head under the sand as if such things never happen or such crimes do not exist. If I had my way people like Hortzclaw and Dylan Roof would be executed by firing squad. Besides their heinous crimes they have empowered our enemy by their outrageous behavior. And that is unforgivable! One could ask how we would handle such crimes in the Ethno-State but such speculation is folly because the Ethno-State we envision will be wholly homogeneous and such interracial crimes will not exist for the sole fact that multiracialism will not exist!  Regardless, to my eyes at least it seems Hortzclaw has  some non-white ancestry, perhaps an Asian or Hispanic taint judging from his features.

Hortzclaw was convicted of 18 of the 36 counts as the jury recommended 263 years.


  1. In my opinion, any man who commits rape, should be castrated. It is simple logic...take away the offending organ.

  2. He is racially mixed.I had a friend goggle it. He is Eurasian, part white and part Asian.