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Monday, January 25, 2016


He is a famous Rapper who according to  Rolling Stone magazine goes hard and witty against the "white power structure" especially in his album King Kunta and the Blacker the Berry. It should therefore come as no surprise that he is the official voice of the Black Lives Matter organization who have adopted his hit single, "Alright" as their official anthem Here are some choice lyrics from that particular song:

 I recognize you lookin at me for a pay cut.
Behind my side we lookin at you from the face down

And we hate Popo wanna kill us dead on the street for sure Nigga
Nigga we gon be alright

Question- if the "white power structure" is that powerful why is it that white suburban youth, not black urban dwellers, buy the most rap? How would an all powerful white power structure even allow something like Black Lives Matter to come into existence?

(Popo is ghetto slang for police by the way)

You might be surprised to realize that Lamar did not write the lyrics to Alright. It was written by Pharrell Williams, one of the hosts on TV's The Voice. 

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