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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


He seems to be the system's favorite black activist now. His father was a Black Panther and had seven children by four different women. Coates writes for a variety of sites but is employed by The Atlantic. Coates has dedicated his life to the fight against institutional racism and the white power structure. He is a firm advocate for reparations and blames the violence found in the black community on the remnants of a culture instilled in them by their slavery experiences. He has been highly critical of Bernie Sanders, among others, for attacking Plutocracy instead of the white power structure. Most recently he has written a book for his son entitled Between the World and Me which was intended as an instruction manual on how to survive as a black man in white racist America.( The same white racist America that has elected an African-American to the highest office two times in a row.) Marvel comics has also hired him to write a new Black Panthers series.

Question-if America is that racist then why are we not doing a better job of enforcing the border? Why is interracial marriage increasing? Why will whites become a minority by 2045? Why do all TV shows and movies feature clueless, weak, and effeminate white males and strong black males? Why is professional and collegiate sports overwhelming filled with white enthusiastic fans but the players are mostly black? If this is a "white power structure" and "institutional racism" it has be be the weakest form of racialism known to man! We live in a nation in which the wrong exit for a white couple can result in their deaths. A nation where black on white rapes have reached epidemic proportions. Whites live in fear under a siege mentality because we never know when blacks are going to go off, or even what will set them off, as they go off on another rampage.
How could "Institutional Racism" and the "White Power Structure" allow this to happen if it is so powerful and influential?

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