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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


For over 20 years Chris Beck as a Navy Seal undertook some of the deadliest missions in some of the worst war zones on the planet. But Beck has a secret.  He was transgendered. Before every mission he would burn his collection of dresses and pantyhose in case he died in combat and his family had to go through his belongings and discover his secret. Chris Beck has now come out as openly transgendered and has changed his name to Kristen Beck and is now married to another woman. He/She is the first openly transgendered Navy Seal and has broken another barrier on the endless march towards sexual equality. One wonders how many more barriers are left. How will we know when we achieve true equality since only liberals are allowed to decide when said equality has finally been reached. I suspect America will fall long before we reach that illusive and utopian state.

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