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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Saudi Arabia is not friend of the United States. They have flooded the world with cheap oil to destroy the fracking industry in the United States as well as oil production in Russia. Saudi Arabia is a lot like Wal Mart. They both flood the world with their products, even if they lose money doing so, because they know they will bankrupt any competitor and once the competitor is no more prices will be raised drastically to cover their loses.

Here are some things about Saudi Arabia you may not know

  • They import 9 million immigrants to do the work that regular Saudis are to lazy to do
  • With a total population of 30 million 9 million immigrants is 30 % of the total population 
  • There is no income tax for citizens in Saudi Arabia and college is free
  • Each citizen also receives a check based on oil revenues (Now you see why they wont work)
  • They finance radical Islamic groups around the world, including ISIS And Al Qaeda, who, like Saudi Arabia, embrace their radical version of Sunni Islam
  • They make war not only on unbelievers but also practitioners of Shiite Islam.
  • All the 911 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia so in response American makes war on Iraq.(You figure that one out!)
But the million dollar question is how would the Arabs have developed this technology without white Western expertise and technology to discover the oil and then pump it out of the ground for them? If not for the power of the West Saudi Arabia would be nothing but a tribe of warring desert dwellers living a feudal life devoid of technology or modern conveniences.

Like Syrian Girl said why would you name a nation after a wealthy family? It is like America being renamed Bush, Clinton, or Kennedy.

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