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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


According to People Magazine 94% of studio executives are white males and over 50 years old. What a bastion of White Supremacy! My god no wonder they make so many movies that denigrate non-whites, Gays, and Jews and promote Christianity, traditional marriage, and white Anglo-Saxon culture! Are you freaking kidding me? Most of these so called whites are Jewish, probably Democrats, and fanatical Obama supporters and Trump haters. All that diversity they unleashed upon whites is now coming back and biting them in the ass! Hollywood is as kosher as a Bar Mitzvah!

You can tell a lot about Hollywood but who it hates and who it loves. The enemies are always whites, especially southern or German, or Catholic priests that molest children, or Protestants ministers that steal money and have affairs with their congregation members,usually underage teenage girls. Criminals are never non-white and heroes must always be feminist, Gay, Negroes, or non-whites. Under no circumstances must a Jew ever be shown in a negative light. If a movie is made about crooked actual Wall Street executives or hedge Fund managers who were Jewish then such crimes must be white washed by blaming it on Gentiles and if a movie is every made about such types (And there have been several) than the criminals must not have Jewish features. They must be portrayed by solid Anglo-Saxon/Aryan types. That also explains why movie after movie after move must be made about World War II and the Holocaust and how Jews suffered but never must a move be made about the evils of Communism or the murders of Stalin or his genocide against the Ukrainian people. There must be no rivals to the Holocaust. It is the central event of humanity and it must never be allowed to be forgotten. Communists must always be portrayed as idealistic, misunderstood types persecuted by evil  and bigoted fanatics. I am so glad the civil rights revolution they financed and supported is now turning on its masters.

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