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Monday, February 22, 2016


I came across a brief mention of gang activity in Springdale, Arkansas that encouraged me to do a little research. Arkansas is really a bi-cultural state with the southern and eastern part being mostly agrarian and Democratic containing a heavy African-American component. North Arkansas, on the other hand, is majority white and Republican. One trend that has escalated over the past few decades is white flight from southern and eastern Arkansas to Northern Arkansas.( Northern Arkansas is what the liberal elite often sneeringly refer to as a "Whitopia"- a white utopia, a white flight destination)

Imagine my surprpse when I read  that Springdale is now marred by gang violence! What kind of gang violences exists in such a majority white area? The Aryan Brotherhood, the Nazi Lowriders,or the Peckerheads? Hardly! I was shocked when I did a little research to find out how many of thise areas are now Hispanic.

Springdale, Arkansas was once majority white, even overwhelmingly white, but now its white population has shrunk to 64.7 %(  I suspect it is even lower than that due to the fact the Census bureau and Federal government lists lighter skinned Hispanics as white-just go to your local post office and look at the most wanted posters and read how many are counted as white when any fool can see they are anything but-George Zimmerman comes to mind for some reason) In fact, the town is now 35.4 percent Hispanic and 22 percent "other" (meaning non-white, racially unidentifiable, racially mixed, or  ethnicities other than white or Hispanic) So add  then up up together and you see the problem.

Apparently the town now has annual anti-gang parades in which the Comparza More Lenses Unidos En Arkansas preforms. This years parade was in response to a gang fight at the local Scottish Inn and Suites. Something tells me said violence, which included a stabbing, was not done by people of Scottish ancestry.

Who is to blame for all this? UNBRIDLED CAPITALISM! More specifically a company called Tyson Foods which has imported Hispanics by the hundreds of thousands to work in its processing plants changing the whole demographic nature of entire communities. It is said that the school system in Rogers, Arkansas went from 95% white to 65% Hispanic, all within a ten year period. This is the free trade that Republicans like Marco Rubio loves. In fact, he was just in Little Rock  extolling the blessings of free trade.

I bet there are some angry people in North Arkansas who fled a majority non-white environment just to settle in and then watch the whole area slowly begin to transform into a Northern version of Mexico, as to opposed to the New Africa of the eastern and southern portions of Arkansas from which they fled.

 When Tibet is flooded with so many Chinese that it actually changes its demographic base (as Chinese begin to outnumber Tibetans in their own country) it is denounced as genocide the world over. When it happens to whites, thanks to the soulless and malevolent practitioners of Unbridled Capitalism, it is seen as economic progress and praised by government elites who always put short term profits over long term sustainability.

The Mexican dancers of Springdale.

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