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Friday, February 26, 2016


 A recent children's book about George Washington is apparently the personification of white racism and only a notch below Mein Kampf at least according to its critics on the Lunatic Left. It is a story about one of Washington's slaves, a house slave and chef named Hercules, who is happily shown making George Washington a birthday cake. Since all the slaves were smiling Scholastic had to pull the book from the market. Instead students must be taught about how cruel and oppressive George Washington was and how poor Hercules had to flee for his life from Mount Vernon to avoid its cruel taskmaster who was known to beat his slaves severely almost to the point of death.(At least according to the Lunatic left) That taskmaster, or course, is George Washington! The problem with the book that the Lunatic Left would rather you not know is that the book's editor and illustrator were both African-American.

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