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Monday, May 30, 2016


Imagine, if you will,  that a white athlete had been accused of raping as many black females as Bill Cosby has been accused of with white females according to a recent cover of New Yorker magazine.I can promise you the outrage would have been much more intense and he would not have been able to spread it out over decades! Just remember what the Duke Lacrosse team when through with false changes of the rape of a black female.Now count the number of white females in the cover below and compare it to the number of black females pictured.


I sometimes wonder if a collective insanity has descended upon the entire white Western world. We recently witnessed the disgusting behavior of the President of the United States whereby he unilaterally decided restroom policy for all public school systems in the United States. Let me tell you when a Chief Executive can dictate restroom policy at the local level there should be no doubt that we not only live in political tyranny but also in a theater of the insane.

What should have remained an oddity of the medical or psychological realm has now been imposed upon the public school system by force.  There should be no doubt in the mind of our people as to whether states have any residual sovereignty left. They do not! They have become mere satellites that orbit the immense federal leviathan.

To put it bluntly the history of the Retarded Right in America has been one of constant defeats, capitulation, retreats and withdrawal.They enshrine a vision of America that has not existed in over a century, not since Woodrow Wilson embarked on the path to globalism and constant international interventionism. The Retarded Right has lost the battle on immigration, Obamacare, Amnesty, homosexual marriage, and now transgenderism! They lost because they insist on playing in a rigged system when the cards are obviously stacked against them.  And yet this faction, while constantly defamed by the system, are the first ones to respond to the siren call of patriotism (In reality pseudo-patriotism) as they gleefully send their sons, and now their daughters, to die in some God forsaken part of the world all to advance a globalist agenda which does nothing but exacerbate the world situation and make future wars inevitable! Constant wars for non-existent peace.

If you are wondering what the Lunatic Left will latch on to next after Transgenderism the answer may be Trans-specism. These are people who believe they were born into the wrong species and identify as being more animal than human. We have the case of a Norwegian girl, Nano, who identifies as a cat and walks around on all fours with cats ears and tails. (Probably left over from a Halloween costume) I am sure if there was an operation whereby these people could graft on animal parts to their body they would do so and I suspect the Insane States of America would then demand every school include a human sized litter box for trans-cats. Never doubt the insanity of the system. They use imposed insanity to break down barriers. Research Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt Institute for further information.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Former governor of San Antonio and now head of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is on the short list for Hillary's vice-presidential slot. His claim to infamy is that he has developed a plan to crush majority white red state America and turn it blue and multiracial (read majority non-white) and a permanent stronghold for the Democratic party. Liberals hate the land between the coasts, which they sneeringly refer to as "fly over country" because it is majority white and conservative ! It is the ultimate  "white flight" territory and the enemy within wants to ensure there are no more white conservative enclaves in America that disgruntled whites can flee to.

His plan is to issue  vouchers to each section 8 housing occupant and then begin to relocate housing projects away from urban, majority non-white areas, and put them in suburbs, upper white middle class, and wealthy neighborhoods. (Hence the reason for giving the recipients of section 8 housing "vouchers' so they will be able to afford living in more expensive areas.) Its proponents claim they are doing it so solid middle class values will rub off on section 8 housing occupants but history has shown, especially with school integration, that the minorities do not rise up to the white middle class level as regards behavior instead whites sink down to their level in terms of behavior, morality, and dress giving rise to the modern phenomena known as "Whiggers." But we who have been red pilled know the true motive is to destroy any possible white awakening on the part of the masses.

In that regard consider what Jewish activist Earl Rabb  said in the Jewish Bulletin of February 19, 1993;
"We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country."
Of course by "Nazi-Aryan" they don't really mean brown shirted swastika wearing armies fighting the Feds in the streets but mean any serious white conservative effort to crush modern liberalism and mandated diversity! That is why they hate Trump with a visceral hatred and why he scares the hell out of him. But as much as I hate to say it Trump is not the answer. Mr. Rabb is certainly right that we can not take back the entire country but he didn't realize the possibly of red state secession  and the possibly of the emergence of a politically sane, and majority white, nation from out of its midst. I think that is the ONLY solution left to us as a people as we will reach a point, if we haven't already, in which we will no longer be able to be effect change through the American electoral system. Always remember that anything you cannot leave voluntarily is either a toxic relationship, a cult, a criminal enterprise, or a tyrannical government!

By the way changing the entire racial composition of a region via government force is one of the United Nations definition of genocide (See section c)

Julian Castor- advocate of white genocide!

No more star spangled tyranny. Let our people go! Red State Secession now before its too late!