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Friday, July 15, 2016


"If the left calls Republicans "racists they obsequiously chose a black running mate, adopt a black child, or avow their belief in color blind individualism. "

"Whites have no collective interests, only collective guilt for the sufferings of the rest of humanity. Any hint of positive white self-awareness, much less organized white-interest politics, is stigmatized as racism, nativism, even National Socialism- and we know where that leads."

"But they will appeal nakedly to the crassest interests of blacks, mestizos (including outright invaders), and Jews-groups that persist in giving their votes to Democrats."

"Republicans will occasionally "dog whistle" -i.e. make vague coded references-to the racial interests and anxieties of whites-albeit merely to fleece them of votes, without any intentions of lowering themselves by actually doing anything." 

"By treating appeals to white ethnic interests as simply immoral, Republicans are, in short, playing by rules dictated by the Democrats." (Pg. 50)

Trust, Justice, & a NICE WHITE COUNTRY- By Greg Johnson

PS- Now you know what the media means when they say Donald Trump is "dog whistling." Somebody in the media is reading this book.

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